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Sending Food & Comfort from Our Family to Yours

Student Care Packages

Being away at school is a blast – make no mistake – but everyone’s bound to get a little homesick. Plus, in between the studying, sports practices, dress rehearsals, and hanging out with friends, food can sometimes take a backseat, even with a meal plan. So send them one of our student care packages, which offer all the tasty snacks they miss along with some T.L.C.

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  • Going back to school in the fall can be a rough transition, but our care packages are here to help! Each one is full of your student’s favorite treats and snacks, reminding them that you’re always there no matter the miles between you!

  • Missing a birthday dinner can be really hard, but you can still celebrate it with our birthday care package for students! They’re full of the classics like cakes, balloons, candy, and poppers to give them a birthday celebration they’ll never forget.

  • At boarding school, taking care isn’t just about eating good foods, but having fun, too, which is why some of our packages are full of games and toys! Plus, with books of puzzles, felt-tipped markers, pads of paper, and sticker making kits, our student care packs are perfect for enjoying with friends.
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