A Guide to Care Packages for Women

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Ladies, let’s be honest: gifts are probably our favorite thing ever, especially when someone takes the time to make them really personal. Sure, we like designer threads and diamond rings, but more than that we like gifts that are thoughtful. It’s not about the money that was spent on us, but rather, it’s about the time it took to think of and/or create our gift, which leads us to exhibit A: care packages. Incredibly thoughtful and often times filled with really useful items, care packages are a great gift for any woman because they give her the things she needs when she needs them most! So, to help you help the gals in your life, here are some ideas for care packages she might just be in need of:

Guide To Care Packages for Women

New Job

Landing a new job is quite a feat and you should help her celebrate! Inside a care package, arrange the things she’ll need to make her desk a great place to work, like fun pens, decorative pads of paper, and colorful folders. But also include things for the bad times too, like the day she finds out that she had chunks of spinach stuck in her teeth throughout an entire board meeting. Equip her with a stain remover pen, floss, gum, a pocket mirror, lotion, and a few feminine products, to prepare her for any less than desirable workplace scenario.


If you can’t physically be there to stop her from stalking her ex’s Facebook, you can be there in spirit! You’re going to have to send her some movies – the most reliable breakup medicine in existence – but be careful. Stick to ones that focus more on empowerment and sisterhoods than on romantic relationships. Examples include Under the Tuscan Sun (it’s a true story), Thelma and Louise (friends ‘til the end), and Kill Bill (for the extremists). They may be older, but there’s something to be said about chick flicks that stand the test of time. Also include tissues, dark chocolate, a good book (like Eat, Pray, Love), and supplies for nails.


If a lady you know is in the military, take the time to thank her for her service and show how grateful you are by sending her a special gift! Care packages for women in the military should include things from home that aren’t always readily available. Instead of tossing those fashion magazines in the recycling, send them to her! Believe it or not, they’re regularly requested by women in the service. Also supply her with face moisturizers, lip balm with SPF, and the ever coveted instant coffee packs.


While Pottery Barn Teen may have you thinking otherwise, most dorm rooms aren’t loaded with turn of the century architecture and charm. So as much as you’d love to splurge on super adorable and totally overpriced dorm accessories and luxe bedding, shoot for things that will actually prove useful to her. Look for cute corkboards, dry erase calendars, pens, and post-its to keep her organized, because the first time you’re on your own can be stressful…and the college store is generally super expensive.


Whether it’s her first real apartment or a new house, you can help make it feel more like home. Give her things that will be useful in her new digs…and aren’t reminiscent of views from the fifties. (I.E. don’t make her think that you believe her place in the home is the kitchen.) Look for unscented tea lights and small votives to go with them. Also include spices (because they always seem to disappear when moving), a unique bottle opener, shot glasses, and some foods, like dried soup mixes, in case she hasn’t made it to the grocery store yet.


Relax, sister! Whether she’s had a super stressful work week, an overload of exams at school, or is battling some sort of drama, a care package equipped with a few stress relieving essentials just might be perfect. Junk food? Check. Face masks? Check. Booze? Check. (A few nips or mini bottles of champagne will do the trick.) The only thing left are the movies. Look for those can’t-live-without-them chick flicks – you know, the classics: Clueless, Mean Girls, Sex and the City, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and anything whatsoever to do with Jane Austen.

Under the Weather

Slugging around the house all day long in sweats that have been worn for a week straight doesn’t have too many perks. But a care package from you is sure to be a vast improvement. The best gift to include is a new pair of comfy PJs that you’ve taken the time to wash so she can slip right into them. Other things to pack are hearty soups, Vitamin C drink mixes, tissues, and a few good movies. (After a while, the same ones just get so boring. If you can, find a trilogy, or a set of films that go together, because when you’re sick, you’ve got time to kill.)

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