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Chocolate Gift Baskets

We pay homage to the rich history of chocolate with our decadent chocolate gift baskets. Though most of us no longer believe chocolate to be only for gods, our chocolate products are made using only the finest ingredients, so they taste like they were meant solely for the divine. These baskets are the perfect romantic gift, gift for the holidays, or really, a gift anytime to make someone smile.

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Satisfy Chocolate Cravings

Centuries prior to Columbus sailing the ocean blue, ancient Mesoamericans were using cocoa beans to create rich elixirs of molten chocolate. This drink was said to be that of the gods, as it was rich beyond belief. A few thousand years later, they figured out how to harden it into bricks, which were introduced to Europeans who hooked it up with some sugar, and voila – modern day chocolate was born.

Say the sweetest words in the sweetest way: with chocolate. Our decadent chocolates are perfect for his special birthday, as a gift for her this Mother’s Day, or for your special Valentine. Don’t risk the embarrassment of expressing yourself in a way that’s not perfect.

Trying to set the mood? Go ahead and get ready to dim the lights after sending one of these romantic gifts. With luxurious wines from around the world, award winning champagnes, and the freshest fruits, our delicious chocolate gift baskets and baked goods help you create a romantic evening. Just remember to grab some matches for the candles.


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