Anniversary Gifts & Gift Baskets Anniversaries are worth celebrating because they only happen once a year. No matter how many years you’re toasting to, give them the gift of a beautifully crafted gourmet gift basket to show them the importance of the milestone.

Celebrate a Happy Day

Toast to Them

Since anniversaries are so special, it's only natural that they should be toasted with some raised glasses. We have a wide selection of the best beverages to fill those glasses. Our anniversary gifts feature  fine wine gift baskets  from famous vineyards,   prized champagne gift baskets ,  and the best beer gifts  from around the world. The champagne and wine gift baskets include some of the finest vintages and the perfect pairings of gourmet cheese and meat to create the ultimate indulgence. Don't worry about trying to write an excellent speech to kick off the toast, a glass of perfection says it all.

Aw, How Sweet

They're so cute. You better send them a gift that's almost as sweet as they are. When it comes to sweetness, a perfect way to celebrate is with a chocolate gift basket . Our happy anniversary gifts also include our stellar cheesecakes . Each one is made with the finest ingredients, resulting in a gourmet treat unlike any other. Plus, we've got a slew of flavors and samplers, so you're sure to find a perfect combination, just like the two of them.

With anniversaries, it's all about getting the date right. Luckily, with our gifts, you can plan exactly when you want your gift to arrive – even months in advance. Your gift basket for their anniversary will arrive on their special day—no need to worry about the perfect anniversary gift anymore. Browse our selection to find a gift box or basket for your favorite couple and have it delivered right to their door!

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Delivering handcrafted gourmet gifts since 2002


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