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Graduation Gift Baskets

Graduation is a big deal. All those nights of cramming for major exams, making it through those awful gen eds, and waking up for boring 9 AM classes with dull professors is hard work. Sure, it was fun too, but don’t underestimate how taxing college life can be. Graduating should be rewarded with a gift that shows how excited you are about their accomplishments. That’s why we created our collection of special graduation gift baskets which are complete with everything you need to say congratulations on the big day.

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Are you unable to be there for the graduation party? Whether the ceremony is being held online or you're unable to be in attendance, you can still celebrate with them remotely by sending a graduation gift basket as a way to show your support. If you have a friend, loved one, or child who's going to be graduating from high school, college, or university, send them one of our personalized gifts today!They Did You Proud

Raise a Glass – Gifts for College Grads

Instead of gifting things that they’ll probably never use (a pen set, really?) get them graduation gifts that help celebrate their achievement. With renowned wines, beer gifts from all over the world, and fine champagnes, our graduation baskets are perfect for helping make their journey’s end even more memorable.

Pop Quiz – Graduation Snack Gifts

With all the celebrating that’s going on, people are bound to get a little hungry. Help satisfy those cravings with one of our special popcorn tins. We have tons of original flavors like peanut butter cup and birthday cake blend to make the occasion even more festive.

Keep Calm – Gifts That Help Your Grad Relax

Carrying on after graduation is tough, and so are the hectic weeks just before. And while everyone’s enjoying themselves, it’s not always the smoothest ride. Sometimes what grads need more than anything is just some good old fashioned relaxation. You can help them mellow out in a new way with our spa gifts. With luxury brands, fine brushes, and aromatic body wash, bath soap, and wine! One of our pampering spa gift baskets make the perfect gift for your new alumni.

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