Care Packages: From Order to Delivery

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Care packages aren’t about being over the top, elaborate, or impressive – no sir! They’re about taking the time to care for someone else (hence the name). And for that selfless reason, whenever anyone chooses to send a care package from us, we take the time to make sure that it’s looked after every step of the way. A lot people ask us about this process, so to help you gain a better understanding of how it works, we’re going to walk you through it:

Care Packages: From Order to Delivery

1. Boxed In

There’s nothing cheap about our care packages. We take the time to make sure every aspect about them is perfect…starting with the box itself. Since we’re not pros at actually making cardboard (we like to focus our attention on making quality gifts), we have our boxes tailor made to certain dimensions so that they’re just the right sizes for all of our products. In our facility, we have around 15 different box sizes, and a few of them are used for care packages, depending on what’s going inside. This allows enough space to fit in all the different items, but not too much that anything can be jostled around.

2. On the Inside

Everything that goes into our care packages (including toys, candy, snacks, and drinks) is stored at our single location. It’s really important that we keep a close watch over all of the items that go into our products, which is why we regularly check our inventory. This allows us to be absolutely sure that everything is fresh and perfect for your recipient. But if for some reason we don’t think a certain item is at its best, we’ll create a care package with a different product than the one that’s online. Rest assured that this rarely happens, and if it does, the replacement items will be very similar to what was originally supposed to be there.

3. Special Circumstances

Every care package is special, but hey, we understand that every now and then, you want to put your own personal touch on things! That’s why we’ll help you customize your gift! Whether you’re planning to send a care package to a college student, hospital patient, overseas, or even close by, we can help you tailor it to include the things that you think they need most! Just give us a call! Our Customer Service Team is seriously super-duper nice.

4. Putting It Together

No matter what items you select to send in your care packages, gifts start to take shape in our Production Department. There, all the different items that go into the gift are collected from shelves in our warehouse by one of our team members who then carefully places them inside one of our boxes. After that, a Production Supervisor checks the care package to make sure it’s absolutely perfect for delivery, but before going out the door, it receives a little extra TLC.

5. On the Way Out

At this point, the items that are supposed to be inside the care package are all accounted for, but they still have to be secured with packing material. We have this really cool air-pillow-machine that kind of eats plastic film, fills it with air, and then seals it so that the air doesn’t get out. It’s really handy for us because it doesn’t make a huge mess like other packing materials (such as plastic peanuts) and uses a lot less plastic. Someone then places enough air-pillows around the inside of the care package to keep all the treats and toys in their place before the box is sealed and brought to the loading dock.

6. And They’re Off

From our facility, your care package leaves on a truck. We have a few different pickups everyday so that we can get your gift where it needs to be, when it needs to be there. But to make absolutely sure that it arrives when it’s supposed to, it’s important that we have all the shipping information to begin with. Like say you’re sending your beloved niece, a first year college student, care packages throughout the year. Well depending on her dorm’s policies, you may need a special address to actually get them to her. So call her (or her college if it’s a surprise) and verify the address as well as their procedures for receiving mail. Because as much as you’d probably love chatting with our Customer Service Team, a phone call to them is one you won’t have to make if everything is verified beforehand.

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