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Our coffee themed gift baskets come with more than just coffee. We've hand picked all the best items to include in a coffee basket. Gourmet chocolates, snacks that go perfectly with a cup of joe, and even pure wildflower honey for those with a bit of a sweet tooth. Help make your friend or loved one's morning spectacular with one of our delicious coffee baskets or crates.

Starting Your Day with a Cup of Gourmet Coffee

It doesn’t matter how you come about that cup of java. You may have your coffee maker set on a timer for a prompt 8:30. Maybe you swing by the local café during your morning walk, or perhaps you pull a sharp left into the drive thru during your daily commute. But, no matter how you get your caffeine fix, it’s a regimen. Maybe you write in a journal while you sip from a ceramic mug or perhaps you drive, listening to NPR as you drink from an eco-friendly cup – however you enjoy it, that first cup of joe plays a big part in your day and it does for a lot of other people too.

A Great Housewarming Gift: Coffee

They say that the sense of smell is the strongest link to memories. And, since coffee is usually a part of good mornings in the kitchen, it’s no wonder that its smell reminds us of home. So, when someone relocates , coffee is a great way to help them celebrate their move by helping make it home.

What She Loves: Coffee & Chocolate

This year, give her the gift she wants more than anything: some relaxation. Our coffee and chocolate gift baskets provide her with the ingredients for some much needed R&R this Mother’s Day. Coffee + chocolate + award winning, gourmet baked goods = one happy mom. Just be sure to give her a heads up that she’ll need to pick out a chick flick to complete her night.

The Perfect Corporate Gift

When’s a good time for coffee? Well, we all love it in the AM but there are specific mornings when a cup of java means a bit more than usual. On big days, it’s important to begin the day the right way. That’s why our coffee baskets make a great corporate gift for someone who’s staring their first day at a job or as a kick start on an important birthday .

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Delivering handcrafted gourmet gifts since 2002

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Delivering handcrafted gourmet gifts since 2002


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