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Tea Gift Baskets

Since the 10th century BCE, people have enjoyed cups of piping hot tea. While it’s got its health benefits, tea offers a way of relaxation that other elixirs just can’t compete with. Ever wrap your hands around a ceramic mug of orange juice to calm yourself down? Didn’t think so. And, also unlike orange juice, tea is something that people got pretty crazy about. That’s why we created tea gift baskets, because we know that people really love them.

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Just Their Cup of Tea

Tea for Two…Minus One

Want to help her get some R&R? No time is better for relaxation than Mother’s Day. Our gift baskets with tea aren’t just made of aromatic herbs and unique chai blends, but with wafer-thin gourmet cookies that perfectly accompany them. So Mom can relax on the couch with her tea and cookies…and not have to get up for anything (or anyone).

Not Their First Party

It’s not just four-year-olds who like tea time. Help older kids host the greatest birthday tea party they can remember with the delectable flavors that are harbored in our tea baskets.

Know Them to a Tea

Notice how her trash is constantly filled with tea bags? Or how his desk has a permanent teacup stain? As previously mentioned, people really love tea – even in your office. So, for Administrative Professional’s Day, say thank you with one of our gourmet tea gift baskets. It’ll save them all the trips to the break room for sugar and make them happy. And we all like happy people.

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