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Haunted House Halloween Gift Tower
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Haunted House Halloween Gift Tower

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It's time to eat, drink, and be scary! Inside this fang-tastic four-tiered tower, your little monster will discover a variety of otherworldly treats they'll find impossible to resist. Complete with ghostly good gourmet popcorn, chilling chocolates, and scarily sweet candies, this spooky arrangement is the perfect way to make this Halloween memorable!


· (3) Tootsie Roll Midgees - Long lasting candy chews that are packed with cocoa taste and subtle fruit flavors.
· (3) Super Bubble Gum -Iconic pink bubble gum that offers hours of endless bubbles.
· (3) Jawbreakers - assorted - Individually wrapped hard candies that explode with sweet fruit flavors.
· (3) Atomic Fireballs - Round hard candies that erupt with a bold cinnamon taste.
· (3) Smarties - assorted flavors- Bite-sized tablet candies that offer the perfect combination of tart and sweet flavors.
· Mixed Candy - An assortment of classic candies in a manageable mini size.
· Buffalo Popcorn by - Handcrafted gourmet popcorn that's coated in fiery buffalo flavor.
· Confetti Popcorn by - Crisp freshly made popcorn that's sealed inside colorful fruit-infused candy shells.


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