Halloween Party Themes

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Unfortunately for all adults who love Halloween, it’s not socially acceptable to dress up and go trick-or-treating basically after puberty. That’s why adults have parties. But alas, with decades spent idly handing out candy and not actually donning on a costume, the attendees who turn up for these events are generally out of practice.

Halloween Party Themes

So, if you’re planning a Halloween get-together, it may be best to narrow down the theme for two reasons: firstly people won’t have the opportunity to feed you a line about not knowing what to wear and, secondly, some of your guests might need a few restrictions. (You really don’t want to know firsthand what a sexy Burt or Ernie looks like.) That’s why we’ve come up with some party ideas to help make your next bash one that everyone will love…just like they would if they were still 10.

Rubik’s Cube

An easy theme that everyone can do no matter their budget or level of creativity. Just raid your closet for an outfit that’s comprised of a single color and present on a Rubik’s cube. So, you’ve got your choice of red, blue, yellow, orange, white, or green. Ladies, a solid color dress is slightly a cop out unless you find tights of a similar hue. And remember that dressing head to toe in something means that your shoes must comply.

Hosting: Have fun! Play up the staple colors by getting games like Twister and don’t forget to make some special drinks. Jell-o shots that are made inside of halved limes and lemons will really brighten up the festivities, plus, they’re easy and inexpensive to create.

Great Couples

Okay, this isn’t exactly an original idea, but that doesn’t mean you can’t reinvent it. Instead of showing up as a couple from the Flintstones, Romeo and Juliet, or Mark Antony and Cleopatra, how about being a little more creative? Stand out as Napoleon and Josephine, Forrest Gump and Jenny, Barbie and Ken, or Sonny and Cher. It’ll be refreshing, and a nice break from all those couples dressed as Adam and Eve.

Hosting: If you really want to create an evening, give your guest some guidelines, like telling them to come as old Hollywood couples. That way, you can decorate accordingly. Break out a red carpet, grab some champagne flutes, and strike up sound tracks to classic flicks.


Guess what – it ended well over a decade ago! Thankfully, the 90s have come and gone and left us with a whole lot of old clothes in the backs of our closets just dying to be worn. Bust out the flannels, don on some Umbros, tie a shirt around your waist, and put sparkly butterfly clips in your hair. Actually, if you’re trying to be really authentic, just put sparkles all over your body. (And don’t forget the dark lipstick and a spritz of CK One.)

Hosting: We all have those songs on our iPods – the ones we cringe at and quickly skip because we’re embarrassed to admit that we rock out to them in our cars along on the regular. The 90s were all about the music, so it’s time to bring back those catchy pop hits. Feel free to play Salt-N-Pepa, N’SYNC, Spice Girls, and Vanilla Ice (everyone will be secretly stoked to hear their old favorites again…with sound quality better than tape could capture).


Making a pirate costume is super easy, so save yourself a trip to the party store. Black leggings, striped stockings, ragged shorts, oversized dress shirts, vests, and lots of cheap jewelry will do the trick. For your shoes, wear boots. In your hair, wear a bandanna, hat, or take a stretchy striped shirt and tie it around your head with the knot in the back (this looks very convincing). Basically, you want to look like a homeless, nautical gypsy, so your outfit should be pretty eclectic. After donning on excessive black eye makeup, tie a pashmina, scarf, or sash around your waist and, voila! You’re a pirate. Pretty simple, huh?

Hosting: Decorate your house with thick, white ropes, goofy pirate flags, and don’t be afraid to make white bed sheets into sails. Obviously, you’re going to want to serve up some rum (maybe with punch) and dish out some pirate themed hors d’oeuvres, like dried meats.

Black Tie

After high school, there are rarely occasions to dress up in poufy dresses, elegant gowns, or dapper tuxes. And we all love to feel like royalty once in a while. To get your desired look, try going to a local thrift store or consignment shop and seeing their selection before heading to a department store. That is, of course, unless you can fit into your old formal wear (and to think your parents criticized you for spending so much money on an outfit you were only going to wear once…). Complete your look with costume jewelry or a boutonniere and you’re set for one classy night.

Hosting: Just because your evening is centered around the height of sophistication doesn’t mean you have to spend millions on your party. Create simple, but elegant food trays, or hire a caterer, and don’t forget the drinks. Bottles of bubbly are necessary, but you may want to set up a bar as well. And play jazz. Lots and lots of jazz.

Bottom line: as with all parties, a costume-themed gathering should be fun. Be innovative, creative, and try to channel your slightly grown up inner child.

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