Classic Halloween Characters

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Every Halloween, there are a handful of kids who turn their backs on popular cartoon characters and trendy animated movie personalities. Instead of insisting on some store-bought ensemble that their BFF is wearing too, they go for the Audrey Hepburn of costumes: the classics. For decades, these characters have dominated the sidewalk on October 31st and, with the help of crafty parents, they can easily be created with minimal supplies:

Classic Halloween Characters

1. Pirates

Drink up me hearties, yo ho! (We’re talking strictly punch here, Mom.) The allure of a life spent pillaging, plundering, and burying loot is hard to resist at any age.

At Home Remedy:

You can fashion a simple costume for your scallywag using items found in none other than your closet! Look for dark leggings, a billowy over-sized blouse, top it with a vest, and use a scarf or piece of red cloth to create a sash. Complete the look with an assortment of eclectic jewelry pieces, tie a bright scarf around their head, and finish with dark eyeliner and boots!

2. Princesses

Tra la la la la! Perpetuated by Disney fairytales (and the British monarchy of late) dressing up as a dainty princess never seems to go out of style.

At Home Remedy:

Even the wealthiest princesses know that fabulous gowns don’t have to cost a fortune! Dress her highness in a floor-length frock and top with a royal sash fashioned out of thick ribbon that’s decorated with buttons. To keep her warm, fashion a simple cape out blue fabric that’s edges and tie are created with gold rickrack. And don’t forget her crown and some dainty gloves to match her gown!

3. Superheroes

Pow! Shazam! Kaboom! These classic defenders of goodness wouldn’t miss an opportunity to fight crime with their superhuman strength and unique powers!

At Home Remedy:

Whether their super power is the ability to fly at hyper speed or smote fire with water, it’s easy to create out-of-this-world costume that suits them. Use colorful leggings and a t-shirt as your base and shiny fabric to create a quick cape. Jazz up their look with bright felt belts, hair pieces, and eye masks, and you’ve got a top-notch hero ready to take on the world!

4. Witches

After centuries of stirring and stirring and stirring their brews, Halloween couldn’t possibly be complete without a few creepy, wart-adorned witches (or the very cute updates on them).

At Home Remedy:

Look no further than trusty black garbage bags to create a mysteriously magical look! Measure your child’s waist, double the measurement, and then cut out three 2-inch strips of the garbage bag that are that length. Braid these together to create a belt. Cut out the remainder of the garbage bags that are double the length from your child’s waist to the floor and tie these to the belt using a lark’s knot. When it’s achieved the fullness desired, put this on over a black t-shirt and leggings! Create a hat out of simple black poster board and don’t forget the broom!

5. Ghosts

The night grows eerily dark and a chill bitter air creeps in… Ghastly ghosts never turn down a chance to make hairs stand on end!

At Home Remedy:

A perfectly petrifying outfit is super easy to execute! Use about 7 lengths of tulle that are double the height of your ghost. Lay the tulle sheets on top of one another and then sew white yarn in an arch shape to create a hood. Add some white face paint to complete the costume and consider your sheets safe from custom eye holes!

6. Vampire

From Sesame Street to the Twilight Saga, these sanguinary Transylvanians are predominant in pop culture…and neighborhood streets on October 31st!

At Home Remedy:

Ah ah ah ah ah! Dress your little vampire in black pants, a white shirt, and a colorful vest. Then create a simple cape out of shiny black fabric. Use white face makeup to give your child an other-worldly appearance, then finish the look with black eyeliner and vibrant red lipstick…and don’t forget those classic plastic teeth!

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