How To Make Gourmet Gift Baskets

by Katie Straw

Making gourmet gift baskets is no simple task. Sure, sure, we make it look easy, but don’t be deceived by appearances. It takes extensive research, hours of time, and loads of creativity. Since we’ve been practicing this for over a decade, we at have got the process down pat. That’s why we’ve made this guide to help you create your own awesome gifts using these simple steps:

Gourmet Gift Basket

1. Pick a Theme

As with any gift, you want to consider who your basket is going to. If your sister-in-law cringes at the thought of coffee, you may be slightly off-base in sending her a gift of gourmet grounds. Think of the foods that you know your recipient likes best and remember to be creative. Example: let’s say that their favorite pastime is combing the world for the world’s greatest pie (not literally – but come on, you know people who go a little nuts for stellar pie). While you may be hard-pressed to find a knockout New York crust ready to be shipped 3,000 miles, you can easily find gourmet ingredients that your recipient can use to make one instead.

2. Do Research

As we know all too well, finding good food can sometimes be a fiasco. With trendy packaging, deceiving ingredients, and beautiful labels, it’s not always easy to sort good from bad based on appearances. That’s why we, as well as you, need to dig deeper. Try researching the products to see what the company’s shtick is and what they use for ingredients. Then, after they seem okay on paper, test them out. The last thing you want is to gift food that you think is the best, only to have it be disgusting.

3. Pick a Container

You’re in luck. Baskets, beautifully printed boxes, and hammered tins are basically everywhere just waiting to be used as a display case for your gift. But, just like with food products, you don’t want to be deceived by appearances. Your basket – or whatever you choose – should be sturdy, well crafted, and go with the theme/feel of your gift. And, as always, be creative.

4. Non-Edible Additions

What’re rich, imported Sri Lankan teas without a cup to steep in? Exactly: no can do. That’s why extra non-edible items should sometimes be included in your gift – but only if they’re of a high quality. Sure, a mug may go with coffee but not all mugs go with gourmet coffee. You want to make sure these non-food items are useful and enhance your gift rather than make them look cheap.

5. Think Outside the Basket

Ah, yes. Last, but very far from least, you’re going to need to beautify. You can use any number of materials for this. (We’ll use that that theoretical tea basket from above for this example.) So, let’s say that instead of Sri Lankan tea, you decide (after testing it out, of course) that it’s not exactly what you were looking for, so you opt for silken bags of something more flowery. Since the new medley is comprised mostly of flowers, you have a very good opportunity to actually incorporate blooms into your design. Head to your local craft store and find fabric blossoms that you can easily wrap around the basket’s handle to really unify the gift. Then, as a finishing touch, cover the stems with a bow of silken ribbon in a matching hue. It will look beautiful and create a gift that’s sure to impress.

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