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Sending Food & Comfort from Our Family to Yours

College Care Packages

It doesn’t matter how seasoned they are at college life – they will still forget the basics: sleep, food, and staying hydrated. That’s why we created this special line of college care packages to help your student get not only all the things they need, but those that they actually want, too.

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Gifts that Make the Dean’s List

  • Those late night study sessions are a lot easier when food is present! Before any big test, our care packages for college students are a perfect gift because they’re packed with loads of their favorite food items, allowing them to focus on learning and not on their grumbling tummy!

  • College is all about the stress relieving activities like sports and theatre and band, which after hours of studying, takes a lot of energy. But thankfully, our college gift packages are full of snacks and drinks to keep your student energized – no matter what it is they do in their spare time.

  • What’s perfect for movie nights and big games on TV? Popcorn, of course! That’s why our collection of college care baskets includes a variety of handcrafted gourmet popcorn flavors to fit not only what they’re watching, but what they crave!
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