An Anniversary Gift Buying Guide for Both Traditional and Modern

An Anniversary Gift Buying Guide for Both Traditional and Modern


Do you know that for their first wedding anniversary, Jacqueline gave her husband, U.S. President John F. Kennedy a poem that she wrote? That singer/actress, Jennifer Lopez, received a beautiful 14- carat diamond ring from her hubby, Marc Anthony, on their first wedding anniversary? And that multi-awarded actress, Julia Roberts, gifted her husband, Danny Moder, his own personal studio for their first wedding anniversary?

Gifts are the best ways to signify how much you care for a person. It is an expression of love and goodwill for those celebrating memorable events. Gift giving is fun but choosing the proper gift for the occasion is difficult. Remember that the names of anniversaries are clues to the gift you are going to give.

Here is a buying guide for traditional and modern anniversary gifts:

  • Year 1 – (Traditional) Paper and (Modern) Clock:   Paper symbolizes the strength of two people joined in matrimony just like the intertwined connection of the paper's individual threads. The symbol of the clock as an anniversary gift was epitomized by Flemish Painter Van Dyke who wrote, that "For those who love, time is eternity." This link is your perfect guide to choose the perfect first anniversary gift.
  • Year 2 – (Traditional) Cotton & Straw and (Modern) China: Cotton symbolizes durability & versatility while china stands for the beauty and elegance of marriage. The cotton theme is easier to fit as a gift than straw but this website will guide you to gifts of cotton, straw and china.
  •  Year 3 – (Traditional) Leather and (Modern) Crystal. Leather is durable, warm, strong, flexible and resilient material. These qualities make marriage a healthy union. Crystals are beautiful and dazzling as its lights are reflected off multifaceted surface. This is a message for couples to realize that a meaningful union can greatly affect the lives of many. The best guide for traditional and modern anniversary gifts on the 3rd year is found in this site.
  • Year 4 – (Traditional) Fruit/Flower/Linens and (Modern) Appliances Since time immemorial, flower is the language of love. Today, flowers remained as one of the most powerful tools for communication. Flowers and fruits stand for immortality and rebirth. After 4 years of marital bliss, partners are at ease and comfortable with each other as signified by the gift of linen. Appliances are practical gifts to tell your spouse how much you appreciate the way she runs the household. This link will serve as your buying guide for the best 4th anniversary gift.
  • Year 5 – (Traditional) Wood and (Modern) Silverware Wood is a symbol of strength and solidified relationship. On the 5th year, marriage is expected to be as strong and enduring union as wood. Silverware means connectedness which is an essential component in marriage. These links will search the database to give you a range of 5th anniversary gifts.
  • Year 6 – (Traditional) Sugar/Iron/Steel and (Modern) Wood   Six years of marriage has already forged a relation that is as strong as metal & iron and the romantic union is just as sweet as sugar. For the symbolic meaning of Wood, please refer to year 5. This link will useful as your gift buying guide.
  • Year 7 – (Traditional) Wool or Copper and (Modern) Desk Sets  Copper traditionally stands for prosperity, good luck, and good life. Couples on their 7th year have to celebrate their good fortune in finding each another. The gift of wool symbolizes comfort, durability, security, and warmth of togetherness. Desk Sets are practical modern gifts that can be used to keep the spouse’s hobby gadgets. This site has an array of gifts to guide your choice in celebrating the 7th years.
  • Year 8 – (Traditional) Bronze and (Modern) Linen  The 8th anniversary has a visual meaning as 8 is an infinity symbol which is something good for the couple. Bronze and linen are ideal 8th anniversary gifts. You will have no problem in looking for these gifts by using this link.
  • Year 9 - (Traditional) Pottery and (Modern) Leather Pottery and leather are ideal gifts for this event. The versatile thing about pottery is that it is both practical for everyday use and ornamental or it can serve as both. Leather is a wonderful gift as stated in Year3. This site will be your guide to look for that ideal 9th year anniversary gift.
  • Year 10 - (Traditional) Party/Tin and (Modern) Diamond   Usually wedding anniversaries below the 20 year mark are celebrated only by the couple themselves. The tenth year is the first of those major milestone anniversaries. The pliable nature of tin and aluminum is a symbol of the flexibility and durability of a happy marriage. Successful union bends with the storm of life so it never breaks. A diamond stands for durability and beauty in marriage. Visit this site to choose and purchase the right gift.
  • Year 11 - (Traditional) Steel and (Modern) Fashion Jewelry The shine and attractive finish of steel makes it a wonderful gift to symbolize a durable and happy marriage. Steel is a strong metal and resists fractures as every marriage should do. However, it is flexible and easy to form into different shapes. Fashion jewelry is the modern 11th anniversary gift. This site is your buying guide for shopping that wonderful anniversary gift.
  • Year 12 - (Traditional) Silk and (Modern) Pearl  Silk is the traditional material for the 12th anniversary. If you plan to give jewelry then opt for pearl which is the alternative modern gift. Pearl symbolizes purity and spiritual transformation. This site has lots of ideas to help you pick that ideal 12th anniversary gift.
  • Year 20 (Traditional) China and (Modern) Platinum  Twenty years of blissful union is indeed a milestone. Remember all the promises which the two of you vowed before the altar. China and platinum are gifts associated with the 20th year. Wealth of exciting and awesome gifts is for you in this link.
  • Year 13 – (Traditional) Lace and (Modern) Textile/Furs The favorite traditional and modern gifts for 13th anniversary are lace and textiles. These fabulous fabrics are symbols of intertwined experiences making up the tapestry which your mutual love created. Furs will be an ideal gift for a loved one. Go to this site for a complete guide in buying both traditional and modern gifts.
  • Year 14 – (Traditional) Ivory and (Modern) Gold    Gifts with the ivory theme on the 14th year are traditional. However, today, people are concerned with the ivory ban so they stopped giving gifts from ivory. But there are alternatives so expectations will not be missed. The modern alternative for ivory is gold. There are beautiful 14th anniversary gifts available both in simulated ivory and gold. Just visit this site.
  • Year 15 – (Traditional) Crystal and (Modern) Watches  Crystals make one of the most beautiful gifts. The traditional 15th anniversary gift is something made from crystal or its modern alternative is a watch. Watches are fast becoming a popular and more practical choice. This site is a useful guide to choose your 15th anniversary gift.
  • Year 16 – (Traditional) Silver  Sixteen years of marriage is indeed a milestone so it must be celebrated in style. Silver is one of the best traditional gifts. However, most couples would opt for a silver theme on their 25th year. However, there is nothing wrong in having a rehearsal. Gift buying guide is available by going to this site.
  • Year 17 – (Traditional) Furniture   The practical and useful gift for the 17th anniversary is furniture. It could serve the family for many years. If you prefer a more classy traditional gift, why not settle for an antique furniture? There are antique stores found in your area. For more wonderful gift ideas, visit this site.
  • Year 18 (Traditional) Porcelain  The best traditional 18th wedding anniversary gift is the porcelain. It is a sophisticated and valuable gift because of its beauty and strength. For your gift buying guide, refer to this site,
  • Year 19 (Traditional) Bronze  Traditionally a 19th wedding anniversary gift is bronze. Bronze symbolizes the endurance of the relationship and that is what every marriage must represent. There is something lasting and permanent in bronze. The following link contains tips and recommendation of the proper gifts.
  • Year 25 (Traditional) Silver and (Modern) Jade   celebration is a “must” when a couple has survived the relationship for a quarter of a century. They have survived the trials and tribulations of married life. The gaiety would be incomplete without gifts to mark the event. Traditional gifts are of silver while the modern are of jade. Wonderful 25th anniversary gifts are found in this link.
  • Year 30 (Traditional) Pearls and (Modern) Diamonds   A couple who has weathered 30 years of marriage deserves a gift to represent their enduring relationship. Pearls are traditional symbols while gold stands for the modern. Pearl jewelry is recognized as signs of modesty, chastity and purity. It is also an emblem of a happy marriage. The diamond theme or triangle symbol motif symbolizes expresses clarity, ascension and wisdom. A buying guide for both traditional and modern gifts is found in this site.
  • Year 35 (Traditional) Coral and (Modern) Jade   Beautiful gifts from coral or jade are great for a 35th anniversary celebration. Corals are believed to ward off ill fortune and provide protection from skin diseases. Jade helps the person to realize his dreams and stays steadfast in his purpose in life. It is also an excellent stone for prosperity and success. These are good promises for a couple to start their 35th year. Buying guides for gifts of coral and jade are found in this site.
  • Year 40 (Traditional and Modern) Ruby   The ruby anniversary is a meaningful one. Forty years of marriage is a cool reason to celebrate! Ruby is a symbol of contentment, peace and protection and peace. As a wedding gift, ruby stands for friendship, love, vitality and royalty. The ruby is also the symbol of vitality and royalty. This site is a worthwhile guide to help you choose gifts associated with the 40th ruby marriage anniversary.
  • Year 45 (Traditional) Sapphire  When a couple reaches 45 years of marriage together they deserve a very special gift.. The forty-fifth wedding anniversary is represented by the traditional: sapphire. This stone wards off illness and invites peace and prosperity to its owner. There are many nice gifts available that sticks to the traditional theme. This link has a buying guide that helps you choose an ideal 45th anniversary gift.
  • Year 50 (Traditional and Modern) Gold   A couple married for 25 years has achieved a major feat but a couple married for 50 years is a supreme achievement. This is certainly an occasion to celebrate. Gold has always been used to symbolize half- a- century of any achievement. Here is your buying guide to help you choose gifts associated with 50th golden marriage anniversary that will be both personal and meaningful.
  • Year 55 (Traditional and Modern) Emerald     The emerald belongs to the goddess Venus. which has the power to preserve love. This stone is also a symbol of hope. For some, the emerald has a tranquilizing effect for a troubled mind. Couples on their 55th year really needs all of these. A 55th wedding anniversary gift is traditionally celebrated with emeralds, Gift ideas expressing the emerald theme are found in this link.
  •  Year 60 (Traditional and Modern) Diamonds   It is a fact that diamonds are forever which is the best way to describe a marriage. The traditional gift is diamond. Diamond is “adamas” in Greek which means the flame of love. The 60th marriage anniversary is the right occasion for the couple to renew their marriage vows. Choose the best 60th Anniversary Gifts from this link.
  •  Year 65 (Traditional and Modern) Star Sapphire With the aid of the Almighty, a 65th wedding anniversary is here! Celebrate the occasion with a bang and make the occasion an event to be remembered forever. Star Sapphire, the given symbol of love and strength, is the theme of the 65th wedding anniversary gift. For gift buying guide, consult this link.

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