What To Get Your Husband for Father's Day

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Luxury items aren’t always limited to diamond-speckled rings or clothes slapped with a French name you can’t pronounce. Really, they’re only things you aren’t able to get very often. And when you become a parent, luxuries shift from affording designer perfumes to affording enough time to shower in the morning. But of course, you’re not alone – your husband has sacrificed a lot too, making once common purchases a luxury in themselves. So, for Father’s Day this year, we’ve created this list of things that might not be luxurious to everyone, but may very well make the perfect gift for your husband:

Husband Father's Day Gift

Book Smart

If your fella loves the written word, getting him a book is a no brainer. But instead of just pouncing on some new Oprah-approved novel, gift something that’s of more value to him. Take the time to hunt down an early edition of a book he loves or spend the extra money on a copy that’s signed. And if he’s not really into literature, please – please – stop buying him books that he’ll never read. Instead, get him subscriptions to magazines, cook books that will spark his interest, or maybe a simple journal so he can compose his own written works.

Casual Clothing

Understandably, you want your man to look dapper, but enough with the ties already. Seriously, how many does one guy need? That said, instead of buying him more boring clothes for the office, find threads he’ll actually enjoy wearing, but maybe hasn’t treated himself to in some time. Pick out non-work related things like vintage tees displaying a band he idolizes or splurge for those cool kicks you know he’s been eyeing.

Music to His Ears

Hark – is that his favorite band blasting from the stereo? …Probably not so much. Being a Dad means making a lot of sacrifices and often times loud music is one of them. So give it back to him. Invest in a pair of good quality headphones that allow him to rock out without disturbing anyone and give him a gift card to iTunes or a local store so he can stock up on some new songs.

Beat the Clock

As you know all too well, having a child means giving up a lot of time. In his days prior to fatherhood, your husband may have hung out at the local dive, spent entire days watching cartoons, or hopped into a car with his friends for a weekend away. Just like you, he sometimes misses such freedoms, so indulge him. Give him time alone – to reflect, hang out with buddies, whatever. (Hey – you’ll probably like the alone time too.)

Relax, Guy

Pamper? Your man? You betchya. Don’t be fooled by his husky voice and burly exterior – your husband’s not opposed to receiving a little special treatment. With those long office hours and hectic schedule, a little TLC won’t sound like a bad gig. Help him relax by presenting him with a gift certificate to a swanky salon or booking him an appointment at a day spa.

Delicious Dishes

Let’s cut to the chase: your husband loves food. Whether it’s a simple, perfectly cooked burger or a decadent poached lobster that makes him weak in the knees, you can find a gift that feeds into his culinary fantasies. If he likes to cook, be on the lookout for gourmet pantry necessities like exotic spices, vibrant rubs, and special salts. And if he’s not exactly the next celebrity chef, treat him to a dinner that you’ve taken the time to prepare or to an intimate night out.

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