Traditional Easter Meals

Traditional Easter Meals

The traditional Easter dinner typically revolves around ham. Those with Greek or Italian roots traditionally prefer lamb, but these two meats still remain the most popular. The meal also includes side dishes such as mashed potatoes, creamed spinach, pearl onions and green bean casserole. Some also like to use basked sweet potatoes, scalloped potatoes or asparagus in their dinner. The meal also uses a type of bread such as cornbread or baked rolls. Many also use hot cross buns, which are a part of traditional English dinners at Easter time.

The meal also uses a dessert or series of desserts. These desserts are typically much lighter and less heavy than the desserts served at other holidays such as Christmas. Sponge cake is popular as are puddings and fruits. In recent years there’s also been a rise in popularity of highly decorated cakes. These cakes are made to look like Easter baskets and rabbits, which appeal to adults and children.

The traditional Easter dinner varies depending on the person and family. In general, people tend to make the same foods they grew up eating. If they came from a family that ate lamb at Easter, then they’ll serve the same thing to their own family. At the same time, new recipes are showing people how to update those same traditional foods and make them look new and different. A few examples include fruit glazed ham and scalloped vegetables.


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