The e-Gourmet Food Guide

The e-Gourmet Food Guide

Those who are trying to develop healthy eating habits, lose weight, or just looking to try a new recipe, will find that there are many resources available to them on the Internet. From calorie counters to nutritional guides, recipes and more, there is plenty of information to help you eat healthy, and for little money.

Online Nutritional Guides

Keeping track of the calories, fat, sodium and other items in the food you eat can be easily done from the web. For example, Nutrition Data helps readers learn about what the labels on their food means, along with dieting and exercising tips and supplements that can be healthy to take. For an Online guide to packaged foods providing nutritional information, try Food Product Design.

Online Recipes

There are many online recipes that can be utilized to make basically any dish imaginable. All Recipes offers main dishes, side dishes, desserts, drinks and more, and visitors to Recipe Source can search for recipes by the type of dish or by the region it came from. For recipes and menus, check out Epi Curious and My Recipes, and Weight Watchers is an excellent place for those trying to lose weight and watch what they eat. Kids can join in on the fun, too, with recipes from That’s My Home, and Kids Health offers recipes for kids with cystic fibrosis, diabetes, and those who are lactose intolerant.

Cooking on a Budget

There are many ways to cook gourmet foods, even when you are following a food budget. There are many excellent places to go to get information on saving money on groceries, clipping coupons and more. At Mommy Savers, learn how to save money on the foods you buy the most.

Cooking Trivia

There are a lot of fun quizzes and tests concerning cooking and food. At Fun Trivia, take more than a dozen fun trivia tests, and at Food Reference visitors can get food trivia from A to Z, which lists hundreds of brand names and general foods.

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