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Hippity-Hoppity Easter Gift Stack
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Hippity-Hoppity Easter Gift

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Say hello to springtime and kiss the dreary winter days good-bye with this bright, cheery Easter arrangement! We've filled a cute tin with festive items, like a delicious chocolate bunny, gooey marshmallow Peeps, and crisp gourmet popcorn, creating a wonderful gift that's sure to make this Easter one to remember!


  • Solid Double Crisp Chocolate Bunny by Palmer's - 4.25 oz. - A solid milk chocolate bunny that's flecked with pieces of crispy rice.
  • Jelly Beans by Buttercup Candy Shoppe - 3.5 oz. - Plump, gourmet jelly beans that explode with refreshing fruit flavors.
  • (4) Peeps Bunnies by Just Born - A classic springtime treat of smooth, gooey marshmallows that are molded into festive bunny shapes and coated with a bright, sweet confection.
  • Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper Kettle Corn by - 1.4 oz. - Crisp and crunchy handcrafted kettle corn that's lightly sweetened and speckled with freshly cracked pepper and gourmet sea salt.
  • M&M's by Mars - 3.1 oz. - These classic candy coated chocolates are everyone's favorite treat!
  • Skittles by Wrigley - 2.17 oz. - Bite-sized chewy candies that burst with irresistibly sweet fruit flavors.


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