A Guide to Drinking Beer in Europe

A Guide to Drinking Beer in Europe

Europe has a beer-drinking tradition that dates back to thousands of years ago, and it is home to some of the best known breweries in the world. Beer is one of the most widely consumed beverages in European countries, and it can even be purchased in some fast food restaurants. The Europeans are so enthusiastic about beer-drinking that they have yearly festivals that are dedicated to the celebration of beer, one of which is the famous Oktoberfest in Germany.

While Americans have to reach the age of 21, or less under special circumstances, to purchase beer from stores, the legal drinking age in some European countries is only 16. Most American beer enthusiasts are occasional drinkers who will drink a bottle or two on special occasions. To some Europeans, beer is almost similar to soda, and they may grab a glass or bottle during lunch or dinner time. Since a long time ago, beer-drinking has been an indispensable part of family and social gatherings in Europe, and it is a tradition that has been preserved until this very day. Drinking beer and having conversations with friends in a pub is one of the favorite pastimes of Europeans.

Europe has a long history of beer-brewing, and some of its beer recipes have been passed down from hundreds of years ago. There are numerous breweries in the continent, with some countries having hundreds of different types of beer. Most of the American beers that are being consumed today originated from Europe, particularly, UK and Belgium, but new ingredients have been added throughout the years to suit the tastes of Americans.

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