Golf: The World's Game

Golf: The World's Game

Golf is one of the world’s most popular sports. It is played in all countries and golf courses can be found virtually anywhere in the world. From exclusive country clubs to public courses to simple Par 3 courses, golfers can always find a place to play.

Golf has been practiced, but not quite perfected, since 12th Century Scotland, where the game was originally invented. Both young and old, men and women enjoy a relaxing and challenging round of golf, where you are challenged by yourself, the course and the elements. By tackling each of the factors, golfers can enjoy this centuries old sport. 

Golf is one of the most popular sports and on most weekends golf courses are filled with families and friends shooting a round of golf. When people start thinking about great father’s day gifts, remember that you can treat your father to a round of golf, or lessons from the local golf pro. So, tee off and enjoy your time on the golf course. If you can't be there with dad, you can always send one of a dozen golf gift baskets which are almost as good as being there.

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