Gifting Etiquette

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Giving gifts can be difficult.  Knowing what’s appropriate for everyone in your life is pretty tricky, as formalities and customs vary with religions, age groups, and ethnicities. But no matter who you’re giving to, sticking by these simple etiquette rules will make gift giving a cinch:

Gifting EtiquetteShow Support

Saying you’re sorry can be tough, and sometimes sending a sympathy gift can seem awkward.  But no matter how uncomfortable you may feel, the recipient will feel consoled knowing they’re in your thoughts.  Showing that you care is more important at no other time.  Unsure what to gift?  Flowers or a simple gift basket are a great start.  They’re uplifting gifts that say/show you’re there for them.

Be on Time

Don’t know why the days on calendars are enclosed in roomy boxes?  I do.  It’s so that you can write birthdays down and send presents on time.  For many of the people in our lives, their birthday is the one square on our schedule dedicated to their name.  Show you care: make it count and don’t be late.

Write the Card

You might feel silly writing a card.  You might think that it doesn’t matter.  You might not even like cards yourself.  But guess what, you’re in the minority.  Most people really do.  Cards, notes,  and letters can be saved forever, while many gifts have a shorter life span.  Make your gift more memorable; put pen to paper and preserve the moment.

A is for…

Allergies.  If you’re going to send food, make sure that the recipient isn’t allergic to it.  Luckily, with food allergies on the rise, many companies offer products, such as gluten free gift baskets , geared toward such recipients. So as long as you check, you’re sure to find something perfect for everyone.

Make all Holidays Happy

No matter what your friends celebrate – Kwanzaa, Christmas, or Hanukkah – they like to be thought of.   Celebrate diversity by wishing everyone a happy holiday, no matter which one they celebrate.

5.    Consider Your Audience

Sometimes when we shop, we forget who we’re shopping for. We go into a store for a retirement gift and come out with a new outfit for ourselves. Instead of backtracking (and spending more money than you need to), try making a list of things you know the recipient likes and dislikes. After writing these down, you’ll have way better luck not only finding things for them, but things they’ll actually like.

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