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Sending Food & Comfort from Our Family to Yours

Gift Baskets For Grandparents

Grandparents are pretty special people. They give unconditionally, never forget a birthday, and usually have good supply of pretty decent candy. All that TLC they’ve been giving you over the years certainly deserves to be returned – and we’ve got just the gifts to help you do it.

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Chip Off the Old Block

Wakey, Wakey

Grandma certainly has some mad skills in the kitchen. All those time’s she’s whipped up epic breakfasts shouldn’t go unnoticed (she’s pretty amazing). Pay homage to those times by giving her a memorable breakfast back. Our grandparents’ gift baskets are full with the freshest, hand-picked fruits and gourmet pancake mixes in order to give Grams a delicious breakfast that’s long overdue.

Easy Nut to Crack

Just because they’re older doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy delicious snacks. That’s why our gift baskets for grandparents include premium dried fruits, roasted nuts, and artisan chocolates.

Sweet Somethings

While you may not associate your The Price is Right watching elders with decadence, back in their day, they had it going on. Bring them back to the days of fabulous dances and good times by giving your grandparents gifts of delicious cheesecakes and award-winning wines.

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