Easter Baskets For Kids

by "Katie Straw"

The supermarket aisles are lined with peeps, daffodils are popping up out of nowhere, and you’ve got some baskets to make. (We hear you there.) But the thing about Easter baskets is that unlike other gifts, they have a tendency to be really redundant year after year, offering the same candies and fairly useless knickknacks. So, we’re here to help. By employing these relatively simple tips, you’re bound to have the best baskets ever – along with some pretty happy kids.

Fluffy Bunny

1. Pick a Theme

The key to making a basket perfect starts with a little cohesion, often referred to as a theme. While, of course, it should be tied into Easter, your theme doesn’t have to consist of a basket filled with fluffy bunnies. Instead, try and meet the holiday half way. If the young person you’re making the basket for is an aspiring artist, try gifting a coloring book of realistic-looking flowers, new watercolors in pastel hues, or filling a plastic palette’s mixing wells with colorful eggs of candy. No matter what they’re into, there’s a way to tie it all together with a little creativity.

2. Alternative Routes

It’s called a basket, but that doesn’t mean you have to display the goods in wicker. Be inventive. If you see a brightly colored tote that would be perfect for the beach, by all means grab it. If he or she is into practicing their swing, stuff a golf ball bucket with fake grass and pile in some treats (keeping your theme in mind, of course). Remember not to be completely held down by the norm.

3. Don’t Give Up

In a day and age when anything – even bacon gum – is possible, there’s no need for you to throw your healthy diet to the wind for Easter. Don’t like giving kids sugar or food that isn’t organic? That’s fine. There are dozens of companies dedicated to helping you out by providing treats that are delicious while still being gluten-free, organic, and/or sugar-less.

4. Super Sweets

While it’d be lovely to say that all candies are created equally, let’s get real and admit that they just aren’t. If you’re loading the basket with classic store-bought confections, make sure you stick to ones that most children like (or, if you know your recipient is head-over-heels for a certain sweet, by all means indulge). But no matter what you purchase, don’t leave rule #1 behind. If everything in your basket is blue, it’s going to look pretty funny when you complete the arrangement with black licorice.

5. The Greatest Gifts

Fabulous presents don’t have to cost a fortune. Actually, some of the simplest, least costly things end up being the ones that receive the most attention. That’s why you shouldn’t stress about not spending a lot on gifts in a basket. Just try and find a few things that go with your theme, actually fit inside, and guarantee a smile. Ideas include stuffed animals, books, games, and movies. In other words, anything goes.

6. That’s a Wrap

Like all gifts, your basket deserves some finishing touches, but don’t be too hasty to stock up on plastic grass and cellophane wrap. There are cheaper, prettier, more eco-friendly options just waiting for you at the local craft store. Tie in the colors of your basket with silken ribbons or announce spring with fabric flowers that wrap around the basket’s handle. Not only do these blooms look beautiful, but they’re also easily repurposed in other crafts. For boys, take a greener approach with fake leaves, grass, or moss that can be adhered to the basket’s exterior.


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