5-A-Day Nutrition

5-A-Day Nutrition

5-A-Day is a program started in the United States to encourage kids to eat more fruits and vegetables while learning healthy nutrition habits. Everybody needs to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables, every day, to keep them looking and feeling healthy. These foods contain nutrients that the body needs like Vitamin C, which helps teeth stay strong, and Vitamin A, which helps with healthy skin. Eating five servings of fruits and vegetables a day may sound difficult, but using a few easy recipes makes this an easy thing to do.

Try Ants on a Log for a quick afterschool snack. All this is takes is peanut butter, celery sticks and raisins. Spread a small amount of peanut butter on the celery stick to make the "log" and then dot it with the raisins to act as the ants. Those who don’t like peanut butter or those who are allergic can try using cottage cheese, cream cheese or yogurt instead.

Kids can also make an easy fruit parfait at home, either as a snack or for a quick breakfast. Take a large glass or plastic mug and pour a small amount of yogurt in the bottom. Flavored yogurt makes this even yummier. Then add a handful of sliced fruit or berries on top of the yogurt, such as strawberries, raspberries, peaches, apples or any other type of fruit. Keep alternating between the yogurt and fruit until the cup is full.

Another recipe that kids can make with a little help from their parents is vegetable pizza. Take a can of refrigerated crescent rolls and spread them out on a baking sheet, making sure the edges are pressed firmly together. While that’s baking, mix one bar of cream cheese and one cup of mayonnaise with a packet of ranch dressing. Remove the crescent roll "crust" from the oven and let cool. Spread the ranch mixture on top of the cooled crust and top it with chopped vegetables. This makes a great snack.

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