Too Old to Trick or Treat? Think Again.

Halloween party table

The Halloween spirit is upon us and who doesn’t love this spooky holiday? Let your fellow Halloween lovers know that we are back with fresh new ideas to re-“vamp” (get it?) this year’s Halloween.

There is still fun to be had on Halloween even if you feel that you’re “too old” to run down the street ringing doorbells. Yes, we agree it’s more fun to be ringing the doorbell than answering it. Here are some ideas to get back that Halloween excitement you once felt while carelessly running down the street. You are not too old to trick or treat…sort of.

Being Kind Will Never Go Out of Style

The holiday season is often referred to as “the season of giving.” Here at GGB (, we believe “the season of giving” is continuous throughout the year. There is never a bad time to remind someone you are thinking of them. This Halloween, send your friend something spook-tacular.

If you are someone who likes to make the perfect gift from beginning to end, start by heading to the store to pick up your friends favorite snacks and candy.  Keep your eyes peeled as you shop, there’s often little Halloween goodies to add in such as vampire fangs and glow sticks. Once you’ve gathered what’s going inside, purchase a box that will fit the contents. To make your Halloween care package a bit more fun, we suggest decorating it on the inside flaps of the box.  That will make for a more exciting and seasonal experience when opened.  Looking for more ideas on what to give, check out this post on Hot Halloween Gifts.

Wine and Candy crate

For those of you who would rather leave the work and creativity to someone else, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re shopping for your favorite Aunt, younger brother, or neighbor down the street, we have a gift prepared for everyone. Consider gifting a Wicked Wine Gift Crate or a Haunted House Halloween Gift Tower to let them know you are thinking of them. After all, it’s the thought that counts, and what’s better than having treats delivered to your door!

Scare Away Hunger

Some people believe in an abrupt age cut-off for trick-or-treating while others do not. Whatever your opinion is, we have a solution.  So, if you think you or the kids in your life are too old to go around asking for candy…think again!

Reach out to your local food pantry or church and offer to collect canned goods for them on Halloween. Once the organization has agreed and you have people willing to help, you’re set! There’s nothing standing in the way of making a positive impact on your community. Scaring away hunger by collecting canned goods can be just as fun (if not more) as trick-or-treating because it of the good feeling it brings to you. Who knows, maybe you’ll get some candy as well!

Remember to request a letter of approval from the organization for homes that may be skeptical. Your town may have designated a particular night to trick-or-tricking so don’t forget to check what’s planned in your community.

Cheers for Fears

Cake pops with Halloween displayHave you ever asked yourself, “Should I host a Halloween party?” If not, now is the time to ask yourself. Host your party before Halloween to get everyone in the Halloween spirit and start by inviting your family, friends, and neighborhood.  An easy and inexpensive way to decorate is with fake spider webs. These go a long way and are trouble-free to put up.  Use this inside or outside, on your stairway, front door, kitchen cabinets, or anywhere else you’d like. To set the scene for your party, you could purchase a Halloween backdrop to hang on the wall. This is as stress-free as it gets when decorating for your Halloween party.

Be sure to buy or make some sweet treats for your party-goers to enjoy. Try ordering a Happy Halloween Cookie Cake right to your door, or making Halloween Monster Marshmallows in your kitchen! If you’re going for a more sophisticated Halloween party, consider making a boo-zy concoction.

Whatever you decide to do this Halloween to bring smiles (and shrieks) to those around you, we wish you a Happy Halloween. Remember, a candy a day keeps the monsters away!


Aly Veo is our fall 2019 University of New Hampshire marketing intern. When she’s not studying or working hard here at she enjoys running, time spent with family, and is the president of her sorority.

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