Hot Halloween Gifts

Halloween is right around the corner on October 31, so we’ve compiled a list of the Hot Halloween Gifts of the season to make sure you get your Halloween Gifts delivered on time to the little ghosts and goblins in your life! All Hallows Eve, better known as Halloween, is one of the holidays where we go all-in on candy of all kinds, so we’ve mixed in a few non-traditional gifts in our list of Hot Halloween Gifts.

Halloween Gift Baskets

Halloween Candy Stash TowerKeep it simple (and classic) by having a complete Halloween gift basket delivered right to their door. Depending on their tastes, you can select a basket to fit their preferences. There are baskets full of mixed candies, like our Halloween Candy Stash, and baskets full of snacks, like the Haunted House Snack Tin. Get fancy with the Halloween Candy Stash Tower and gift them something freshly baked!

Personalized Halloween Gifts

Since we focus so much on candy, feel free to get away from gifting that (I mean, they do get enough trick-or-treating after all) and get them something personalized. A custom trick-or-treat bucket with their name on it, or a fun custom Halloween doormat that the whole family can enjoy are both great options to surprise them at Halloween (without the cavities). You can also consider a fun Halloween puzzle or Halloween children’s books to keep them entertained and participating in the spirit of the holiday.

Chocolate Covered Treats

halloween-bats-mummies-cookie-popsWho doesn’t love delicious and festive chocolate-covered Halloween treats? Nobody! We carry a variety of fang-tastic Halloween treats, like Halloween Oreo Cookies, Halloween Pretzels. Halloween Cookie Pops, made from Nutter Butter cookies also make cute party treats! These act as a great table decorations for your party and even double as dessert!

For Kids: New Toothbrush!

Keep in mind all the candy (and sugar) consumption at Halloween and gift the little ones a new toothbrush! This will make them excited to brush their teeth after chowing down on buckets of candy! Fun flavorful toothpastes are a great gift idea too! This will help to keep their smiles BOO-tiful. There are many different toothbrush designs out there, this one is adorable.

Halloween Movies

There are a TON of movies out there about Halloween, why not gift them? This helps to facilitate a fun night in and the movies can be combined with popcorn to complete your Hot Halloween Gift! Movie passes are another gift idea for Halloween as there’s always a new scary movie out this time of year.


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