The Global Pandemic: How Businesses Are Staying Connected With Employees And Clients

Virtual Happy Hour

How have you been staying connected with employees and clients since the 2020 pandemic started? For many months, American businesses have shown how resilient and adaptable they can be to the unprecedented challenges that are stemming from the ongoing global pandemic. While the implementation of social distancing has led to a surge in remote work, the companies that have shown the most resiliency are the ones that have been able to maintain a social connection with both employees and clients.

Here are some of the ways that companies are staying connected with employees and clients. If you’re not doing any of these, they’re worth looking into.

Video Conferencing

While free video conferencing services like Zoom, Uber Conference, Skype, and others have been utilized by businesses for years, businesses that did not regularly utilize the technology in the past have quickly implemented these tools. With travel, dining, and entertainment pretty much on hold, businesses have also found unique ways to utilize video conferencing.

Virtual Happy Hour

With employees working remotely and restaurants/bars closed for dine-in service, businesses are hosting web-based happy hours by utilizing video conferencing services. If you’re planning ahead to host a happy hour of your own, you can still pick up the tab with these Virtual Celebration Gift Ideas.

Virtual Happy Hour


If you’re planning to celebrate a significant milestone or achievement like an anniversary or closing of a big deal, you can also pop the bubbly with these Champagne Gift Baskets.

A Kind Gesture

Sending a gift to an employee or client will help you demonstrate how much you value them. These gifts will have a long-lasting impact long after we overcome the current crisis. More than likely, you’ll want to send the gift to a home address so you’ll know it’s received. If you’re looking to obtain home addresses for employees, connect with your payroll administrator. If your profession is one of those listed below, chances are very high you have the home address for your client in your client database.

  • Financial Planner
  • Insurance Provider
  • Realtor
  • Mortgage Professional
  • Lawyer

Creating Engagement with Clients & Prospects

Obtaining home addresses for clients can be tricky. Some clients and prospects may prefer you not to have that information, especially if it’s not pertinent to your business relationship., a cloud-based engagement platform, has helped hundreds of companies enable users across various roles within an organization to incentivize clients, prospects, and employees in order to achieve their strategic business objectives. Centered on direct send gifting initiatives, the platform allows recipients to select from various gift offerings. The recipients can indicate where they would like the gift sent once the objective has been achieved.

To schedule a demo or sign up for a free trial, click here. For virtual celebrations or social distancing gifts, click here. User DashboardThe User Dashboard offers an array of standard business objectives common across multiple industries. Objectives that you can focus your campaign on.

Lastly, we’ll leave you with a list of reasons businesses are sending gifts as a way of staying connected with employees and clients:

  • Thanking healthcare workers on the front lines caring for patients
  • Recognizing Employees for their adaptability and resiliency
  • Sending Gifts to New Hires, Recruiting Initiatives to college students back at home
  • Thanking Clients for the Business and Referrals
  • Celebrating Milestones
  • Just Because – Staying Connected!

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