8 Reasons Why Gift Baskets are STILL the Perfect Business Gift

The Corporate Show Stopper Christmas Gift Basket

This coming Holiday season, a little over 60% of all US businesses will send corporate holiday gifts to their customers, partners and employees to demonstrate their gratitude and appreciation.

While sending holiday business gifts is a wonderful gesture in and of itself, it also serves as an extremely valuable touchpoint to reiterate the value your business provides to the very important people your business depends on.

For most companies, Holiday Business Gifting has become a standard practice. The opportunity to forge stronger bonds with customers and improve engagement is too valuable to pass up.

Here are 8 reasons why the Corporate Gift Basket still reigns supreme as the Ultimate Business Gift.

Gift Baskets Have Something For Everyone

Let’s face it. You know your clients business well and you really know how your product or service adds value. Do you know what size shirt they wear? Or what their favorite color is? Or their favorite hobby?

A well designed and thought-out gift basket will include items for everyone. Even if they don’t like everything in the basket, they will like some things and can always re-gift unwanted items to someone else.

Gift Baskets are Made to Be Shared (And Discussed!)

Often times, a Corporate Gift Basket sent to an individual will be shared with that person’s team or colleagues. Gift baskets truly are the gift that keeps on giving! Commonly, a gift basket recipient will place the basket in a common area of the office and people will be drawn in by the basket’s seductive powers… a conversation like this may ensue:

“Who sent this great gift basket?”

“The kind folks over at XYZ Corp, they run our payroll.”

“Didn’t they forget to run payroll last week?”

“Yeah they did but these whoopie pies are incredible. We should really be doing more business with XYZ Corp.”

Gift Baskets Are Safe

While Gift Baskets are proven to make the BEST business gift, they’re not the only option. But PLEASE DO NOT SEND GIFT CARDS as a business gift. Gift cards are a great way to show someone that you spent as little time and effort as possible making them feel appreciated. On top of that, most Corporate Gifting Policies prohibit employees from accepting gift cards. In fact, most business gifting policies specifically call out gift baskets as being an acceptable item to receive and many gifting policies specifically prohibit gift cards from being accepted. Even a soap dish makes for a better business gift than a gift card. At least the soap dish won’t get your recipient fired.

Gift Baskets are Substantial and Made to Last

As we mentioned earlier, most businesses will send Corporate Gifts to clients this Holiday season. So it’s unlikely your corporate holiday gift will be the only business gift your customer receives. Gift baskets are designed to be consumed over long periods of time so your act of generosity and gratitude will be remembered for days or even weeks after the gift arrives.

Gift Baskets Incorporate Your Brand Tastefully

Great Corporate Business Gifts should incorporate your brand and company but not at the detriment of the gift itself. Because most gift baskets have large item counts, you can get really creative on how you incorporate your brand into the gift. From branded gift ribbon or wrapping to branded containers, there are multiple ways you can brand items without diminishing the value of the gift.

Gift Baskets Offer Endless Combinations

Keeping your business holiday gift fresh year after year is important. Thankfully, there are countless ways to configure a gift basket to keep the gift fun, interesting, and exciting year after year. Changing the container from a basket to a gift tower or including keepsake items like a branded coffee tumbler or water bottle are great ways to provide variety and delight your customers and employees.

Gift Baskets Offer High Perceived Value and Fit Any Budget

Any well-constructed gift basket will provide great presentation value. When done right, a gift basket will be aesthetically pleasing, offer a wide variety of items that people like, offer high perceived value and fit within your budget.

Buying Gift Baskets is Easy

Holiday time is typically a busy season for everyone. Most people don’t have days or weeks available to spend on planning and purchasing holiday business gifts. Companies like GourtmetGiftBaskets.com have hundreds of baskets to choose from and can handle all of the detail work for you.  Just provide your budget, recipient list and they can take care of everything else. The process couldn’t be easier.


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