A Tisket, a Tasket—What to Put in an Easter Basket

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Years of tradition have long dictated that Easter baskets be filled with loads of sugary sweet treats and tantalizing goodies. While chocolate bunnies, jelly beans and marshmallow Peeps are all timeless Easter traditions, nothing says parents can’t get creative with gift giving fun. Try a few of the following ideas to mix it up a bit this Easter:

Other Yummy Treats

Candy is always a favorite with kids, but why not include some different snacks in their Easter baskets this year as well? Pretzels, chips and crackers are always a hit. Stick some fun dips or mustards in for variety. Many kids also love healthy trail mixes, fruit snacks and beef sticks. Easter treats don’t all have to be sticky sweet and bad for your teeth. Speaking of which, why not include a new toothbrush for good measure?

Fun in the Sun

Easter comes right at that time of the year when kids start to envision outdoor fun and warm days. Fill their Easter baskets with items for the coming spring and summer sun. Bathing suits are a great idea for kids who like to splash in the pool all summer. Other ideas include sunglasses, beach towels, sun visors, flip-flops and suntan lotion. Don’t forget to throw in a Frisbee, beach ball or jump rope for extra fun. Kites, sidewalk chalk and bubbles can also make great gifts.

Get Crafty

For those rainy days of spring, fill their minds and baskets with creative entertainment. Coloring books, crayons and drawing paper are always great for young children. Girls who are a little older might enjoy needlecraft kits, sewing crafts or jewelry making kits. Young boys can work away the hours constructing model cars and airplanes. Books can also provide relaxing rainy day fun.

Tween Time for Girls

Young girls just on the brink of becoming teenagers will love finding their Easter baskets filled with makeup, hair accessories and fashion magazines. Other fun gifts might include bracelets, journals, or small purses. Don’t forget that she is still a kid though. She’ll love the sweet chocolate bunny and candy filled plastic eggs just as much as the hot pink lipstick.

Tween Time for Boys

Boys getting ready to enter those wonderful teenage years may pretend that nothing fazes them. However, they will secretly delight in finding their baskets filled with fun gifts on Easter morning. Fishing lures, camping equipment or a baseball cap are only a few ideas. All boys like to eat. It just wouldn’t be
Easter without a few sweet treats!

Music Mania

For those about to rock, why not include a few favorite CDs? IPods and MP3 players will be a hit with all ages. Don’t forget the iTunes or MP3 gift cards so they can download their favorite tunes. Give the gift of music and listen to the joy it brings!

Go Green

Go green this year and fill Easter baskets with environmentally friendly gifts and treats. Delicious fair trade organic chocolate bars and all-natural sweets will be consumed in a hurry. For gardening kids, include packets of seeds, gardening gloves, floppy hats and small tools. Instead of using messy non-biodegradable Easter grass, try filling baskets with bandanas, swimsuits or even crepe paper. Plastic baskets are not good for the environment either. Try using hand-woven baskets, baseball caps or hats.

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