Quick Craft: Making Easter Eggs with Stickers

Tired of dyeing eggs using the same old technique? So were we. That’s why we decided to do some exploring and find new ways to create fun, bright Easter eggs.

Surprisingly pretty and incredibly simple, the eggs we ended up with were the result of one simple addition to the standard egg-dyeing recipe: stickers. You can use anything adhesive, really – electrical tape, binder hole protector thingys – just make sure that whatever you employ has a clean silhouette. And, if you go with stickers like we did, look for ones that are small and thin. Large, thick stickers have a hard time lying perfectly flat on the egg’s round surface and often have a paper-like backing that dissolves in water.


Eggs (hard boiled)
Dye and/or Food Coloring
Drying Rack
Jars or Mugs
Hot Water



Heat the water, pour it into jars or mugs, and add the appropriate amount of food coloring. Instead of getting crazy mixing the colors, we chose to make primary colors (with the addition of green) and dipped the eggs in different colors to create more complex hues. If you choose to color eggs this way too, make sure that the first color you dip the egg into is the lightest one you want to use.Easter-2014-Eggs-1

Apply the stickers onto the eggs, carefully smoothing the edges to ensure that the stickers lay flat. Submerge the eggs in the colored water and place them on a drying rack once you’ve achieved the desired color.Easter-2014-Eggs-3


Have a different method that’s easy and fun? Let us know about it!


From our family to yours, happy Easter!



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