7 Inexpensive Easter Brunch Hostess Gifts

Are you attending Easter brunch at someone’s house this year? If so, don’t show up empty-handed! You’ll want to give the hostess a gift to show her that you appreciate her invitation. These seven inexpensive Easter hostess gifts will thank her for her hospitality this Easter without breaking the bank.

Spring Scented Candles

Candles that remind her of spring are a winning choice for a hostess gift! Choose floral scents like lilac and violet, which bloom in the spring. Fruity aromas like strawberry, cherry, and peach are also associated with the season. If you want to go the extra mile, buy a small Easter-themed candleholder to put it in.


If you can find out in advance what she’s serving for brunch, you can bring a bottle of wine to accompany the meal. Bring a white wine, like Sauvignon Blanc, if she’s serving ham. For lamb, try a red wine like Pinot Noir or Shiraz. Of course, no rule says she needs to open it during brunch, so don’t be offended if she saves it for another occasion.

Easter Candy

Everyone loves Easter candy, even adults! By gifting her some of her favorite Easter treats, you’ll allow her to either serve them with the dessert or save them for later. You can even give her a themed Easter basket filled with nostalgic favorites from her past, like Marshmallow Peeps and chocolate Easter bunnies.

Brunch Cocktail Ingredients

Champagne and Mimosa Gift Basket – La Marca

The ingredients to make classic brunch cocktails also make great hostess gifts. One idea is to choose a single cocktail, such as a Bloody Mary or Bellini, and give her all the ingredients she needs to make it. You can also give her a gift basket filled with cocktail mixers and alcohol choices for a variety of different brunch cocktails—other cocktails to choose from, including the classic Screwdriver, Manhattan, and Mimosa.

Coffee Gifts

Coffee & Chocolates Gift Basket Classic

What’s brunch without coffee? That’s what makes coffee such perfect inexpensive Easter hostess gifts! Gift ideas include coffee-themed gift baskets, coffee-making supplies such as a French press, or bags of gourmet coffee. If you want to give her something slightly different, consider an Easter-themed coffee carafe for next year’s brunch!

Easter Decorations

Since hostesses often decorate their homes when they have people over, decorations are always welcome! For this year’s brunch, why not give her an Easter decoration? Decorations such as Easter figurines, decorative Easter baskets, and spring-themed wreaths will brighten up her home during brunch. You can also give her a bouquet of fresh spring flowers with a pretty vase as a gift!

Gift Baskets

Kids aren’t the only ones who love getting Easter baskets! Adults also enjoy them. Besides giving a basket with an Easter theme, you can also gift gourmet food baskets featuring a variety of popular food and beverages. She can even serve some of the food items in the basket during brunch! Ordering online is a great option if you don’t have time to make your own.


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