Easter Basket for Adults, What Should You Include?

When you’re putting together an Easter basket for adults, keep these helpful basket components in mind as they’re sure to be a hit! Kids aren’t the only ones who love Easter baskets. Adults do, too!

Gourmet Food

Easter baskets with a “gourmet food” theme are always welcome. Look for unique items that you know the recipient will enjoy. For example, if she loves Italian food, you can put items in the basket that have an Italian theme such as biscotti, Italian candy, and imported pasta in unique shapes. Or, if you know she has a sweet tooth, you can include some of her favorite gourmet sweets.


Wine is always a popular gift! If you’re giving a basket to a wine lover, why not include a few bottles inside the basket? Not only that, but you can also add in foods that normally pair well with wine, such as cheese, a wine opener, and even wine glasses. If you’re giving this basket as a hostess gift, consider finding out what will be served for dinner and pair your wine choices with the meal.

Easter Beer

Did you know that brewers often brew special beers for Easter? German Maibock, for example, is a strong beer that is brewed in the early spring, just in time for Easter. Also, several brewers in the United States, such as Sam Adams, brew a double bock in the tradition of the stronger beers released in Europe around Easter. Creating an Easter basket with some of these beers is sure to please the beer lover on your gift list!

Gift Cards

Gift cards make a perfect addition to any Easter basket, especially if you know which stores your recipient shops at the most. However, you can always include gift cards for coffee shops, movie theaters, and beauty spas. These have universal appeal!

Easter Candy

Who says Easter candy is just for kids? You can take two different approaches here. You can add nostalgic Easter candy, such as chocolate Easter eggs and Marshmallow PEEPS®, or if you would like to take a more “adult” approach with your Easter candy choices, consider including Easter candy that has been made by gourmet companies. For example, some chocolatiers make chocolate Easter eggs that are filled with liqueur.


Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the United States. Are you giving the basket to a coffee lover? If so, consider putting coffee-related items in her basket. You can include bags of gourmet coffee, cookies designed to go with coffee, and even coffee mugs with an Easter theme! If you know which coffee she drinks the most, you can make it a little more personal by including bags of her favorite brew.

Kitchen Supplies

Are you giving the basket to someone who likes to cook? Every chef needs a collection of great tools! Look for unique items that she may not have in her kitchen, such as silicon kitchen tools or an innovative garlic press. You can also give her kitchen items that have an Easter theme, such as serving spoons that can be used during Easter dinner.

Easter Basket For Adults

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