Last Minute Christmas Gifts: A Procrastinator’s Gift Guide

Christmas is now just days away and we’ve all been scrambling around shopping for the perfect gifts and hot new gifts for everyone on our list.  Well, maybe not all of us have been doing this. In fact, I personally am one of the many procrastinators that wait until the very last minute to shop for those on my list.  That’s why I decided to write a quick Procrastinator’s Gift Guide for Last Minute Christmas Gifts!

First things first. Gifting has changed a lot in the past few years. Especially since 2012. For example, the iPhone has moved from the iPhone 5 to the iPhone 13 and Nintendo now offers the “Switch“, but in 2012 it was Wii U. These would both be considered good changes by most.

One thing that hasn’t changed (or maybe it’s gotten worse) is our procrastination as consumers. Every year it seems as though our lives get a little busier, and a little more chaotic, which further intensifies our need to procrastinate. In fact, I’d say eCommerce companies have influenced this behavior by making it easier for customers to shop online at the last minute and have those gifts arrive on their doorstep… sometimes in less than 24 hours!

This topic was covered by WMUR News 9 in Manchester, NH while on a visit to the facility in December 2018.  Watch Here
You’ve made it this far and have procrastinated this long, now what? Well, that depends on how much longer you plan to procrastinate.  Christmas is on Tuesday you know!

Procrastinate to:

The end of the week

No problem. All of your favorite online retail stores will be taking orders that can arrive on Christmas Eve, with many of those same retailers offering orders on Saturday for arrival on Monday.  This includes all the Christmas Gift Baskets and other gifts at

Thursday afternoon

You will be pushing your luck at most places. Depending on their shipping carriers and inventory availability, most online retailers will stop taking orders sometime between 12 pm and 5 pm EST on Thursday.  If you’re not a gambler, I’d say to order no later than Thursday morning.

After Thursday afternoon

Ok, now it’s going to get a bit more painful.  You’ll have to drive around to all the local retailers to get something for everyone on your list. There will be a large rush of consumers doing this, so be prepared for long lines, no parking, and sparse selections.

Christmas Eve

Seriously, you waited this long? Ok, now it is all about being efficient. Make a list of recipients you need to buy for, check it twice (heard that before), and head to your local Mall or downtown shopping area. Again, you’re likely to run into traffic, parking, and questionable inventory, but you’ve made your list. Don’t deviate and just get the items you need!

Ok now you’re ready to go, right? What are you waiting for? Stop procrastinating, get out there, and order the gifts for everyone on your list. Once you’ve completed this task you can start working on that next task that you’ve surely put off as well!


© Featured Photo by BrianAJackson from iStockPhoto