17 New Year’s Eve Cocktails Without Champagne

New Year's Eve cocktails

New Year’s Eve is a time to raise a glass and toast the memories of the year gone by and to welcome all the new ones to come in the year ahead. Of course most New Year’s Eve cocktails contain champagne or sparkling wine because NYE is bubbly’s time to shine. But what if you aren’t fond of champagne or want to offer an assortment of drinks to your guests? Here are 17 great ideas for New Year’s Eve cocktails without champagne.

Vodka Based

Rum Based



Of course, if you read this and are thinking yeah but what about some ideas with bubbly? Here is a great list of 7 champagne cocktails and here are a couple more I came across when writing this post that I just had to share:

With all these cocktail ideas, we’d like an invite to your New Year’s Eve party, please and thank you 🙂 And if you are looking for healthy recipes, read Healthy Recipes for the New Year.

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