Halloween Gifts for Video Game Players!

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The pandemic… Its impact on our social routines will be experienced for months, maybe years, to come. Either way, I think we can agree that talking about everything it has impacted is just too frightening. So, as Halloween 🎃 races towards us, we are all scrambling for what to do given our new “normal”! How will we make Halloween special during a global epidemic? In this blog, we explore what to get our family or friends who love to play video games.

Regardless of COVID-19’s role in our lives, Halloween is coming whether we like it or not. And the pandemic has certainly changed the dynamic! How am I going to celebrate Halloween? What will we do now if Halloween is canceled? Especially if you are the parent of a kid whose main interest is playing videogames? What am I going to get my friends when they can’t do a lot of the fun activities we used to on All Hallows Eve? The Solution? Food! Food is considered, by some, to be the master key to anyone’s heart…

What it’s like to Play Video Games & Our Ideal Gift

As a video gamer player myself, it’s an activity that builds friendships, memories, and an overall larger community. It has been essential for keeping in touch with friends from the state of New Hampshire to friends across the world. With all the benefits that come with those experiences, there are downsides. While playing video games we’re using our hands, staring at a screen, and unconsciously sitting in these tolling positions for hours on end. The combination of those downsides can be very mentally draining.

Now, as you read that you what might be wondering what’s missing in that picture? Some of you might be thinking, “I make them dinner and provide a full fridge, what more do they want?”. Well, as mentioned before, our hands are full and we want to make memories with our friends. Although, that doesn’t neglect our appreciation for a full fridge and amazing dinners. However, in my experience, video game players want: something quick, be able to consume with one hand, and food that will hit the spot and fill it.

What to Get your Video Game Player

To recap, our friends and family are stuck inside, most likely, playing video games and we need ideas for the upcoming Halloween holiday. If you’re struggling to figure out the game plan, here are a few gift ideas that will surely warm the receiver’s heart.

For your Baked Goods lovers:

Boo Baked Goods Gift Box: This gift is a scrumptious mix of delightful baked goods. The Boo Baked Goods Gift Box includes chocolate chip cookies, fudge brownie cookies, and a corn crispy treat all in one!

Want to make your own baked good with a twist? Check out this recipe of a Halloween themed bake sale favorite.

Halloween Oreo® Cookies: Got someone who can’t seem to cure their Oreo craving? This is the perfect Halloween Gift that’ll change their love for Oreo’s forever! The Halloween Oreo Cookie gift will certainly fill the spot as it includes 12 Oreos dipped in Belgian chocolate topped with Halloween themed decorations.

Spooky Treats Gift Crate: Brownie Central! Give them a delightful scare with the Spooky Treats Gift Crate. This Halloween Gift warms the heart with two different kinds of brownies and rice crispy treats. All of which, is wrapped in a keepsake coffin crate that’ll have them screaming!

Candy Lovers? We got you covered!

Halloween Candy Stash: Halloween traditions will be different this year, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun! Fulfill your inner sweet tooth with the Halloween Candy Stash, a fun Halloween gift with all your favorite sweets! The Halloween Candy Stash includes classic Halloween treats such as M&M’s, Twix, Snickers, Milky Way, Tootsie Rolls, Mini Dots, Skittles, and much more!

Feel free to add your own touch with these 13 Spooky Halloween Candy Recipes.

Halloween Candy Charcuterie Platter: Want a Monster Mash of delectable Halloween treats? Then you’ve found the gift. This platter comes with eight different candy’s, ensuring the pickiest eater will find what they’re yearning for.

Haunted Halloween Care Package: This great gift includes everything your family or friend’s heart could desire. From sweet to salty, this care package includes gummies, popcorn, candy corn, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Twizzlers, AND Skittles. Now that’s what we call the full care package!

Want a mix of everything? I’ve Got Ideas for that Too!

Toxic Slime Soda BucketToxic Slime Soda Bucket: The Toxic Slime Soda Bucket will surely knock their socks off! This gift covers the entire palate with some of the spookiest soda and savory candies. All wrapped in one, the Toxic Slime Soda Bucket includes six different flavors of soda, four different kinds of candies, and plenty of kettle-cooked popcorn.

Monster Munch Popcorn Tin: Were the previous selections too sweet or too salty? Well, this one may be just right. Enjoy the flexibility of choosing two different popcorn tins, Traditional or People’s Choice. The traditional Monster Munch Popcorn includes a tasty mix of Butter, Caramel, & Cheddar. While the People’s Choice includes: Kettle Cooked, Caramel, & Cheddar. There’s so much you can do with popcorn, check out How to Make “Green Slime” popcorn for Halloween. In addition to the great food, the tin provides an excellent container for all your organizational needs!

Now that you have a list of great gifts, here’s a great source of information regarding the pandemic’s impact on Halloween.  Looking for a gift more fitting? Visit our wide selection of drinks and treats for family and friends at GourmetGiftBaskets.com. Or check out these 6 Spooktacular Recipes for Halloween!

We recommend ordering sooner rather than later, as hot items tend to sell quickly!

I hope this helps make Halloween special, and thank you for reading!

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Christian Redding is not only a video game player but also a student at one of New Hampshire’s premier state colleges. When not gaming or running to his next class, you might find him working, this semester, here at GourmetGiftBaskets.com! Halloween Gifts for Video Game Players! is Christian’s first, in a series of blog posts, he will be completing during his Fall 2020 internship.


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