5 Care Package Ideas For Students

Now that the school year is underway, it’s time for students to get serious about their studies. Constantly studying, writing papers, and taking exams can be stressful. Whether they’re away at college or they’re living at home, you just want to do something nice. These care package ideas for students give you an easy way to show your support.

Stick With a Theme

When deciding on a great care package to give your special student, it helps to create the package around a theme. For instance, if you know that they have a difficult exam coming up, you can send them a care package that has essential items that can help, such as a collection of healthy snacks that will give them plenty of energy while they study.

Give Favorite Treats

Do you know what their favorite treats are? If so, you can send them gift baskets that are stuffed with them! This is an especially good idea if they are spending a semester abroad because, more than likely, not all of their favorites will be available overseas. Before you send the package, make sure that you’re allowed to send the items you’ve chosen to another country. Even if they don’t live abroad, sending their favorites is still a nice gesture, especially since most students are on a tight budget.

Encourage Health

It’s all too easy for students to pack on the pounds while studying. Long hours spent sitting, making poor nutrition choices, and not getting enough exercise all contribute to the famous “freshman 15.” Show them that you care about their health by gifting them a package filled with healthy snacks. That way, when they are pressed for time, they won’t be tempted to raid the dorm’s vending machine.

Celebrate Holidays

Even if they don’t admit it, students often feel lonely – especially those who live away from home. This is especially true during holidays such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas because many of the traditions surrounding them involve family. That’s why a care package designed to help them celebrate will be so meaningful! For instance, as Halloween approaches, you can send them a package with all of their favorite candies. For Christmas, you can send some things for them to decorate their dorm rooms, as well as some of their favorite treats.

Make Life Easier

Let’s face it – life can get frustrating when living away from home. Since most college students have tight budgets, basic things, such as finding enough quarters to do laundry, can be tough. Show them that you care by sending care packages designed to make their lives easier! Even if you send something that includes all their favorite treats, you may consider including items like laundry detergent, a roll of quarters, and even school supplies.

These care package Ideas for students offer simple ways to show the special students in your life just how much they mean to you.

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