Five Awesome Fall Sangria Recipes

Five Awesome Fall Sangria Recipes

We posted awhile back on 5 Delicious Sangria Recipes, and this was so popular, we decided to bring it back this week with a dash of fall, giving you Five Awesome Fall Sangria Recipes! As we savor the last few weeks of warm(er) weather, these sangria recipes are perfect for sitting on the back porch on cool end-of-summer nights as we let go of summer and welcome fall (and fall flavors!!) with open arms.

Sangria was introduced to the United States during the 1964 World’s Fair and since then, people have been crafting their own delicious spins on the original recipe. Sangrias are great for entertaining, as the flavors develop the more they sit! Make them ahead of time and they’re already ready for your party! Here are some of our favorite variations using some of your favorite fall flavors like apple, cinnamon and cranberry:

Apple Pie Sangria

This is a fantastic concoction of all your favorite fall flavors, and includes white wine, fresh apples, apple cider, caramel vodka and cinnamon sticks. I can already see myself making this after a long day of apple picking at the farm – after all, they sell all the ingredients (except caramel vodka) right there! Simply add all the ingredients into a pitcher, stir it up and enjoy served over ice.  You can make this ahead of time – up to 6 hours or the night before. It’s best to let it sit and let the flavors mesh together.

Rosé Sangria

Rosé is such a classic summertime wine – and this sangria recipe makes the transition into fall, just that much sweeter. This would be perfect for one of those hot days that just seem to pop up in September and October, at least here in the North Country anyways. Five varieties of fresh fruit meet fizzy club soda, rosé and some fine liqueurs.

Sparkling Cranberry Sangria

This is a wonderfully flavorful sangria with all the flavors of fall and Thanksgiving dinner. I’d keep this recipe in mind for Thanksgiving afternoon, to savor in every sip as the turkey cooks in the oven and the family is playing football outside. Fresh cranberries, cranberry juice and oranges highlight this sparkling cranberry sangria.

Harvest Sangria

This Harvest Sangria Recipe includes a warm blend of autumn flavors like apple, pear, ginger and cinnamon spice. Throw this all together with your favorite white wine, and you’ve got fall in a pitcher ready to please a crowd!

Sparkling Apple Cider Sangria

What I love about this sangria recipe is how the apples are sliced into matchsticks, instead of cubes! It has such a fun texture and ensures you get the flavor of apple in every sip. There’s nothing better than fresh apple cider in the fall, and this recipe pairs it with sparkling wine, cognac, and tops each glass of sangria with a few more matchstick apples and fresh pomegranate seeds.