What to Serve at a Father’s Day Barbecue

Picnic table with BBQ utensils and DAD letters


Looking for some Father’s Day BBQ ideas? If your dad is usually the one grilling, he’ll definitely appreciate having a barbecue thrown in his honor! So, fire up that grill and serve up his favorite grilled foods with all of his favorite sides. Finish it off with his favorite treats, and you have the recipe for the perfect Father’s Day. P.S. Don’t forget a Father’s Day gift for Dad! Here are some ideas:

Grill the Perfect Steak

This grilled steak is both simple and delicious. All you need to do is select a great cut and follow the easy instructions. Since the steak is seasoned with only salt and pepper, you’ll want to have plenty of steak sauce on hand in case dad likes his steak with a little kick.

Serve Up Some Chicken Wings

Even if you decide to have steak as your main course, that doesn’t mean you can’t serve something else too! Wings are a perfect dish because they make for a great appetizer or a hearty side. They’re also easy to cook in advance; simply reheat them just before guests start arriving and it will look like you’ve been cooking for hours.

Give Your Potato Salad a Kick

Does your dad love spicy foods? If so, he’ll absolutely love this potato salad, which gets its kick from chipotle seasoning. Chipotle is a good choice for a crowd because even people who don’t like spicy foods find chipotle seasoning to be enjoyable. To give this salad an extra kick, feel free to sprinkle the potato salad with hot sauce or a pinch of chili seasoning.

Serve Your Signature Baked Beans

Do you have a wildly popular baked bean recipe that everyone just loves? The nice thing about baked beans is that you can make them several days in advance and reheat them just before dinner. If you make them in the crockpot, you can simply refrigerate the crockpot dish and reheat the beans for an hour or two on low on the day of your party. This will give you time to prepare the rest of the meal without creating additional stress.

Grill Corn on the Cob

There’s an art to grilling corn on the cob, but once you get the hang of it, it makes for a great side. The only drawback is that corn does take up a lot of space on the grill. If you’re feeding a crowd, you might want to have more than one grill running, or you can always boil them on the stovetop the old fashioned way. Create a seasoning station with butter, salt, parmesan cheese, and cayenne pepper.

Don’t Forget the Beer

Cheers to Dad Father's Day Beer BucketA cookout wouldn’t be complete without an ice cold beer to complement the meal. Of course you can always purchase his favorite brews, but why not make the dinner beverage part of your Father’s Day gift? These beer gift pails, crates, towers and baskets are the perfect gift complement to any Father’s Day celebration!

Serve Brownie Sundaes

Every cookout needs a fabulous dessert! Brownie sundaes are easy to prep and are a definite crowd-pleaser. All you need to do is bake a batch of brownies (you can even use a mix if you’re pressed for time) and lay out all the trimmings for the perfect brownie sundae. You’ll want to offer at least one ice cream flavor, chocolate sauce, whipped cream, chocolate sprinkles, and nuts. People will enjoy making their own!

Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Still searching for the perfect Father’s Day gift? Here are Some Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas from our Comfort Gift Catalog. We are sure these will bring back fond memories!


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