4 Creative Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Nothing says Easter better than an egg hunt! Sure, you can always hide candy Easter eggs inside your home or in the yard and then have your kids search for them. Even though it’s always fun, it can start to feel predictable, especially if you use the same hiding places each year. This Easter, try doing something different! These creative Easter egg hunt ideas will be sure to make things more interesting. And don’t forget that all good Easter mornings start with the HUNT of all, for an Easter Basket left by the Easter bunny! 

  • Have a Golden Egg

There’s nothing wrong with hiding chocolate eggs or those plastic eggs filled with candy. In fact, you don’t need to stop doing that to make the egg hunt more interesting! This year, you can also hide a golden egg and whoever finds the golden egg will get a larger prize! You can even hide one for each child to make sure everyone gets a special prize so no one feels left out. If the big prize is a shared experience, such as an outing at an amusement park, you don’t necessarily need to make a separate egg. You can simply encourage the kids to work together.

  • Give Each Child a Color

If you’re hosting multiple children for your egg hunt, you might want to consider giving each child their own color. This is especially useful if the children are in different age groups. You can hide the eggs in more difficult places for the older children, for instance. If you decide that you want to give each child a “golden egg” with a special prize, just write the name of the child the golden egg belongs to so that each one will have a great prize to enjoy.

  • Have a Sugar-Free Hunt

Do you think your child eats enough candy? You don’t need to make the situation worse by hiding chocolate Easter eggs! Most of the fun with the egg hunt isn’t the prospect of eating more candy. Kids love to hunt for their eggs and they love the idea of earning their prizes. Instead, try filling plastic eggs with toys. If the toys won’t fit in the egg, write out what the prize is so that you can present it after the hunt is over.

  • Make a Treasure Hunt

Another fun idea for an Easter egg hunt is to turn it into a treasure hunt! Back a simple treasure map with cardboard and make a few small cuts. Hide each piece of the map in an Easter egg. Once they find each of the eggs, they can put the treasure map together and follow the clues to get their prize! To make things even more fun, you can create a special map for each child and color code the eggs. This is an especially good idea if there is an age gap between the children so that you can make the experience more age-appropriate.

Even though the simple Easter egg hunt is always fun, it can start to feel stale. These creative ideas offer the perfect alternatives to the traditional hunt!