What Christmas Gifts Are Best for Teens This Holiday?

Finding Christmas gifts for teenagers can be challenging. Teens are developing many different interests and are figuring out who they are. Their tastes are changing every week — and sometimes more often than that. This is why buying presents for them can be so tricky. If your teen has already told you what they’d like, go for that!

My name is Chloe Casto, and I’m 17 years old.  As a teen girl, I find it hard to tell my parents what I might want for the holidays. When I was younger, I would see advertisements on TV and know what toys I wanted to add to my Christmas list. But now that I’m older, it’s harder to point to specific items that would be an excellent gift.

There are many everyday items I need and like, but not all that much rises to the level of a holiday gift. When people say they know a gift every teenage girl would adore, they must not know many girls! Everyone is different, and not all like to follow what is “trending.”

I’m a very feminine girl who loves anything to do with makeup, hair, or fashion. Many teenage girls like these things too but are interested in sports, art, and other activities. (And by the way, the same goes for teen boys — they have a wide range of tastes and interests).

Gift giving is not black and white, and what is the right gift for a teen one month could be the wrong gift two months later. Teenagers’ worlds are ever-changing, and they are attentive to who they are becoming. That’s why I think gift cards are usually the safest way to go.

The key to making most teens happy is to give them space. Giving them space provides a chance for them to make their own decisions when buying items. Money is a gift option, but cash isn’t very thoughtful. Though a gift card may not be the most thoughtful gift, at least you chose somewhere you think they’d enjoy. Showing that you know what stores or hobbies they like are a good way of demonstrating how much you care about them — and listening to them.

Whenever I receive a gift card from my favorite store, I am elated because I can use it on anything I like in the store. It’s totally up to me, and I don’t need to worry about a parent or friend choosing something that I might not love. It’s all on me, and that’s great! I think we can all agree there’s nothing worse than getting a gift and pretending that you like it.

Luckily, if you’re still unsure what to buy your teen, I have the inside scoop for you. Here are some links for gift cards from stores where most teens could find something they love:

Forever 21
Barstool Sports
American Eagle
Urban Outfitters
Bath & Body Works

Beyond gift cards, if you have a teen who loves things like cookies and brownies, you can always get something fun like a baked goods gift basket or a popcorn tin. These baked goods and popcorn tins are an excellent addition to a holiday party or get-together with friends.

Settling on a gift card or two, plus a food gift delivered directly to them, you’re most likely going to give your teen something they will love. Lastly, if you’re reading this and it’s the last minute, check out this blog post, “Last Minute Christmas Gifts.”


Written By Guest Blogger Chloe Casto (Age 17)
© Featured photo by Khosrork from iStock