Thoughtful Gifts That Require No Thought

two co-workers exchanging thoughtful gifts on a couch

Do you need to purchase a thoughtful gift? There are two essential things to remember about gifts: 1. They are most loved when they think things are too extravagant to purchase for themselves. 2. They always look more expensive when nicely wrapped. So, if you’re not sure what to gift someone at work whom you’ve said less than 5 words to or are conned into attending your boyfriend’s-sister’s-friend’s holiday dinner party, keep in mind this list of great gift ideas. Each one is easy to locate, available in every price range, and somehow looks incredibly thoughtful when gifted.

Thoughtful Gifts That Require Little Thought


There’s a reason why bakeries stay in business. With gifting sweets, you’ve got a selection of artisan truffles, cupcakes, gourmet chocolate bars to choose from — anything goes. And really, they will be gone. Fast.

Gourmet Foods

Fact: everyone eats food. So, find gourmet options to bring to the table (literally). Look for authentic olive oils, imported balsamic vinegar, and top-shelf honey. And don’t be afraid to fill a basket with an assortment of teas, coffee, and possibly a mug. It’s cute, simple, and a great gift.

Coffee Table Books

Oversized books are great gifts because they make any subject intriguing. So while you may not know your recipient well – if at all – it’ll seem like you do. Check out this list to get a few good ideas of which page-turners to schlep to the gathering.


All wine is good wine, period. It doesn’t matter if it’s an expensive bottle from a renowned vineyard or ‘Two Buck Chuck’ from Trader Joe’s on your way over. They will enjoy it.


Get a growler of locally crafted beer or a 6-pack of your favorite microbrews. It looks like you put a lot of thought into it. And your recipient will likely be exposed to something they’ve never tried before.


Simply Elegant Spathiphyllum - SmallFlowers are gorgeous and all, but their lifespan isn’t always the longest, which is depressing – especially during the winter months. That’s why plants are better. Try for a simple, elegant orchid, which is beautiful and always well received, or herb or succulent gift sets, which are unique as well as practical.


Instead of buying them two seats at the ballet (which there’s a decent chance they won’t be enthusiastic about), try purchasing tickets that they can use at a venue or playhouse for any number of shows. That way, they get to see something that they’ll like. And don’t rule out film passes, either. Forget baseball: watching movies is hands down America’s favorite pastime – and it’s not as cheap as it used to be. At $10+ for one person, movie tickets are certainly a welcomed offering.

Handmade Thoughtful Gifts

Again with the whole “local thing,” – people love it. Check out and look for artists in your area (or if you see cute, quaint shops on side streets – pop in!). Try and purchase universal things like handmade soaps, delicate jars, and possibly decorative ornaments.

Office-y Stuff

If you don’t know your recipient, you have no idea what they do for work. However, lovely journals and stationery sets are great gifts because people always use them. If you know what their job is, perhaps try and get something they can use during their time at the office. I.E., if they’re a writer (ahem), gift a nice fountain pen.



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