That’s A Wrap — Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas

mother and daughter creatively wrapping a gift

Struggling with creative gift wrapping ideas? Remember when you were young how your mom would say, “Just make me something,” when your six-year-old self asked what she wanted for Mother’s Day or her birthday? Well, your sweet Mom wasn’t just teaching you how to save pennies. She was teaching you that she not only loved any kind of gift you gave her but was also encouraging you to be creative!

Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas

Handmade Gifts

Ten years down the road, that drawing of her you did use all the colors of the crayon box is going to be preserved in a drawer. Handmade gifts are fossils from our childhoods that parents love revisiting. Now, things are a little different as we grow up. But, there is still something artistic about purchased gifts, the wrapping.

Don’t Break The Bank

I know, I know, you think that spending oodles more money on wrapping paper, ribbons, and a card is silly, especially after you’ve just dropped the dough on the actual gift. But the way you present your gift is important. Saying, “Sorry, I didn’t have time to wrap it,” just doesn’t cut it anymore, and just throwing something in a gift bag doesn’t seem as thoughtful. When the gift doesn’t look presentable, it sends the message that wrapping the gift for the recipient is a hassle and perhaps they’re not worth your time. Put in the same time and effort you would have done when you were little and make them feel extra special. Your gift recipient deserves it. And the good news? There are really cool ways you can decorate your gifts without breaking the bank, or without spending any money at all!

Japanese Furoshiki

In Japan, they wrap presents with fabric cloth, called a furoshiki, that’s tied around at the top. It’s pretty, festive, and really great especially if your gift recipient likes sewing or fabrics. And, if you’re no pro at tying fabric around gifts, you can jazz it up with some pretty ribbons. It’s a-okay to have fun and be creative with it.  Even if it doesn’t look like Martha Stuart got her hands on it, the time that you put into wrapping will show and that’s what counts.

Newspaper: Read All About It

Extra, extra don’t throw out yesterday’s paper. I used to hate this, but then I figured out that there’s a way to do this which makes it really neat. Try finding articles that the recipient would be interested in and use those to wrap your gift.  Cut the newspaper to make fun bows that match and use photos and/or headlines to make ribbons. Or, even more, touching and time-consuming, make your own wrapping paper!

Recycle Unique Prints

Recycle printed memos and emails by drawing on the other side. Not artsy? No worries. Try just making a simple pattern like circles of different sizes that overlap or just lines made with a straight surface.

Paper Grocery Bags

Paper grocery bags make great wrapping paper too. Just cut down one of the sides then around the bag bottom. You’ll end up with long rectangular kraft wrapping paper. Just decorate the unprinted with a painted pattern or use crayons or markers. It’s even the perfect way to get your kids to join in on the fun. Have them decorate the paper for you!

Be Creative

There are many other ways to wrap a gift besides using traditional papers or bags, but so long as it looks like you’ve put in time and effort, your gift recipient is going to feel important and loved, and that’s what’s important.

Time to Gift

Even we realize not everyone has the time to make their own wrapping paper. Let us be creative for you. Every gift basket we ship is made with care and artfully presented.



© Photo by Askar Abayev from Pexels