Pre-made Easter Basket Gifts for Everyone

Whether this is your first time shopping with us for Easter basket gifts or you’ve been a regular for years, we thought we’d take a minute to give you the scoop on some of our favorite Easter gifts this season at

Gourmet Taste Tests

Like all of our products, our Easter gifts are filled with the most exquisite foods and toys we can find. We’re a gourmet company, that actually taste tests all of the gourmet treats before we choose to carry them. Taste-testing is serious business around here. Only the very best gourmet foods make the cut. Everyone in our company participates in the taste tests our R&D department organizes. Then we analyze the results to bring you the best of the best. By continuously seeking out and discovering new delicacies, our gift selection remains on-trend and exciting year after year.

Easter Basket Gifts for Two Kids

Take for example our Double Bunny Easter Basket. Each year this seeing double gift gets better and better… Let’s start with the bunnies: I took a few to my desk to accurately describe them for the updated product description on the website. They are the softest stuffies ever. I WANT ONE… or two or three. Anyway, they’re beautifully crafted and everything your little snuggle bunnies will want in a stuffed animal.

After you recover from the quality of the bunnies, you’ll notice that the word “double” in the product name refers to the fact that, this year, our Double Bunny Easter gift includes not one, but two baskets — woo-hoo! You’re welcome, parents! No more trying to referee temper tantrums while your children duke it out over who gets to keep the basket, the bunny, or the sweet treats! It’s also a time saver to having to create DIY Easter baskets.

So what does this parental dream basket include you ask? Well, each of the two baskets includes one of the fabulous stuffed bunnies mentioned above, a solid milk chocolate bunny, and a selection of the sweetest ever candies. Shopping for two kids just got a whole lot easier!

Easter Baskets for Teens and Adults

But, we realize teens and adults might enjoy receiving an Easter basket too since good food knows no age limit. That’s why we made this Easter Sweets & Treats Basket. From young adults to your grandparents – this gift is a success. While it appeals to a teen crowd, it still maintains the bright festive Easter cheer you expect from such a gift. This baby is filled with popular delights, like M&Ms, gooey marshmallow PEEPS®, and cinnamon & brown sugar kettle corn.

As for products that look as good as they taste, you’ve probably noticed our popcorn gifts, more specifically our Easter Celebration Popcorn Tin since it’s pretty hard to miss. It’s bright and bold and filled with the best popcorn ever! Our popcorn engineers make our popcorn fresh every day. Then find time to concoct holiday-themed flavors using recipes we’ve perfected over the years.

NEW – Pre-Made Easter Baskets

The newest addition to our Easter gift lineup is our Easter Gourmet Cheese and Cookies Gift Tower.

Isn’t it lovely? Those designers and R&D experts of ours filled this adorably stunning box with all of the things you’d want including crunchy vanilla & chocolate bunny cookies, garlic cheese, peppercorn & poppy crackers, garlic dip, wafer cookies, and white chocolate covered mini Oreos with pastel sprinkles. The perfect Easter gift for college students, grandchildren, or even adults or anyone you need to ship this gift to.

If you’ve had enough of winter, say hello to springtime and kiss the dreary winter days goodbye with this bright, cheery, and unique Easter arrangement! We’ve filled our Hippity-Hoppity Easter Gift tin with festive items, like gooey marshmallow PEEPS®, crisp gourmet popcorn, cinnamon & brown sugar kettle corn, and more! Creating a wonderful gift that’s sure to make their Easter memorable!

Easter Basket Gifts for Parents or Families

Looking for a gift that appeals to adults or a family Easter gift? Our Easter Gift Tower or Happy Easter Bunny Candy Gift Box make perfect gifts. The 3-tiered box tower is filled with a selection of Easter chocolate, marshmallow PEEPS®, handcrafted gourmet popcorn, and more. If you haven’t tried one of our bakery boxes, you definitely need to order one for yourself. Our homemade cookies and brownies are not only soft but incredibly delicious too!

If you’d like to know more about any of our products, don’t be shy – give us a call or ping us on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. And, as always, thank you for your business.

From our family to yours, Happy Easter!


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