Great Any Occasion Gift Ideas

If you’re anything like me, you agonize over giving a great any occasion gift. I freely admit I buy Christmas gifts in July when I see something I know someone on my list will love. But sometimes you need to get a gift for someone you don’t know all that well. And if you don’t know then how can you give them the “perfect” gift?

Great Any Occasion Gift Ideas

Not sure what to buy your boss or coworker, your child’s teacher, or a family friend? Here are 6 gift ideas that are great for anyone at any time.


Candles are one of those things that most people love to have around, but many people never bother to buy for themselves. A nice big candle in a clean and classic scent (not everyone loves citrus or cranberry spice) is always a sweet gift to give. You could also buy a few small candles in different scents if you aren’t sure what they like. Wrap it in tissue paper and a pretty bag and you’ve got a great gift for any occasion.

Gift Cards

Gift cards may not be that person, but everyone has something they want to buy but always talk themselves out of because of the price. A gift card to a local store or even Amazon lets them treat themselves to what they want and gets you off the hook for finding the “perfect” gift. Got someone settling into their new house? Get them a gift card to Bed Bath and Beyond. Someone having a baby? Maybe give them a gift card to Toys’R’Us or Gap Children. You can buy really fun gift cardholders to make even a Starbucks card look like quite a gift!

Your Favorite Book

If you know someone that likes to read but aren’t certain what book to give them, the best thing you can do is give them your favorite book! Write a little note on the inside cover as to why it’s your favorite (and maybe something a little more personal and sentimental), wrap it in pretty paper and you’re all set! A book can’t expire or go bad, so even if they don’t read it right away it’s going to be on their shelves for a long time. Who knows, maybe it will become their favorite book too

Box of Chocolates

Like the famous movie quote, you’ll never know for sure what you’ll get in a box of chocolates, but chances are it’ll be full of really, really good chocolates! Those gourmet chocolates are something you almost never buy for yourself, but you enjoy every single bite when someone else gives them to you. I remember one Christmas my mom got me a box of Fannie Mae chocolates to share with my roommate and it made for a very happy and delicious weekend! Part of the fun is figuring out which flavor is which. Since I’ve been working here at my new favorite chocolates are these!

Picture Frame

We all carry hundreds of photos on our phones, but we so rarely print them anymore! Giving someone a picture frame gives them a good reason to scroll back through those photos and grab a favorite shot of their kids, something from their last vacation, or even a fun group photo from a night out with their friends.

Soft Throw

Maybe it’s because there are 6 feet of snow out my window right now, but a soft throw blanket sounds like a great gift right now! Something fleecy or Sherpa-lined is great to have to throw on top of your own bed on extra cold nights or even just to keep in the living room for movie night snuggles. It’s one of those great gifts that aren’t too flashy but is definitely something that will get used to time and time again.

We hope these great any occasion gift ideas will help make your Christmas gift shopping a little easier this year!


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