5 Yummy Hostess Gift Ideas

I’m always looking for fresh new hostess gift ideas. Because whenever I am a guest at someone’s house, I’m not particularly eager to show up empty-handed. Though there are tons of choices as to what I could bring, my favorite gifts are those I can eat. I’ve learned that hostesses often have the menu for the evening planned out. Edible gifts are still a hit, but I’ve learned that it’s best to present them in a way that shows the hostess she doesn’t have to use them that day (The only exception to this is if she requested that you bring something for the party!). If you know what her favorite chocolates are, for example, those are great things to pick up as a gift. Here are some of my favorite choices:

Hostess Gift Ideas

Box of Chocolates

I find that a box of chocolates is the ideal hostess gift. Most boxes contain various flavor combinations, so there’s something for everyone! They also have a reasonably long shelf life so that she can eat them later. You can also make a box of chocolates if you like. That way, you can select the chocolates you want the most.

Bottle of Wine

Giving her a bottle of wine is another classic choice. The fun thing about wine is that even if she has the wine and menu selected for the party, an extra bottle of wine is almost always welcomed. I like to buy something immediately drinkable, just in case she decides to open it.

Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are another great way to convey to the hostess that she shouldn’t feel pressured to open your gift. Since they are beautifully packaged, it shows her that she doesn’t even need to open them until after the party is over. What’s extra fun is that you can put just about anything in the basket, too. She’ll be thrilled to receive something that has her favorite foods in it!

Snack Tin

I’m a big fan of salty foods, and I know that other people enjoy them as much as I do. Snack tins are a great gift because not only do they contain tasty snacks, but she can also keep the tin. Sometimes, I like to make my snack mix and then package it in a tin. Pro tip: reuse snack tins people have given you!

Spirits or Liqueur

This is along the same lines as giving a bottle of wine. If you know the hostess has a favorite spirit or liqueur, presenting it to her when you arrive will be a thoughtful gesture. Does she have a thing for Irish cream, for example? If so, she’ll love having an extra bottle on hand. She’ll love the thoughtful gesture!


© Photo by Gary Barnes from Pexels