7 Strange Snacks From Around the World

Strange snacks from around the world might sound interesting. But, human originality needs to take a step back from the snack world because some peculiar things are out there. And they are not as exciting as the seven Wonders of the World.

7 Strange Snacks From Around The World


Did you love animal crackers or Teddy Grahams as a kid for their fun shapes? Well, in Japan, you can buy tiny deep-fried crabs (the real thing) that you can eat whole – legs, claws, shells, and even eyes! You better really love the taste of the ocean if you want to like these snacks.

Lamb and Mint Chips

Potato chip companies have put out some pretty weird flavors (Cappuccino Lays or Pumpkin Pie Pringles, anyone?) But in New Zealand, they decided what they needed was the flavor of dinner in chip form with a lamb and mint jelly flavored snack.

Tako Chips

Do you wish Goldfish crackers tasted like fish and not cheese? Well than Korean Tako Chips are the snack for you! These little fish-shaped crackers are actually octopus flavored.

Deep-fried Tarantula

Do you think deep-fried crabs are for sissies? Ok then, how about a deep-friend tarantula? These Cambodian snacks are deep-fried until the legs are nice and stiff and seasoned with anything from salt and garlic. The tarantulas (“a-ping” or “Thai zebra”) are about the size of a human hand. Most diners only eat the legs and the upper body, but if you’re brave, you also have the abdomen, which contains a brown, runny paste and sometimes tarantula eggs.

Iwashi Senbei

The Japanese seem to love deep frying little sea creatures. Mini fish called Iwashi Senbei are baked in soy sauce and sugar (bones and all) and then coated in sesame seeds to create a sweet and salty cracker.


Salsagheti looks like Red Vines, but this Mexican candy-coated with tamarind sauce for that extra kick.

Falafel Bissli

Bissli is an Israeli wheat snack that comes in a variety of flavors in addition to falafel, including “Grill” and “Barbecue” as well as onion, smoky, pizza, taco, and hamburger. No matter what flavor you are craving Bissli has got you covered.

What’s the weirdest snack you’ve ever encountered? Was it just an odd flavor, like roasted garlic ice cream, or was the snack itself odd? If you’d rather stick to identifiable snacks, our snack gift baskets have some tastier treats than the ones mentioned here!

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