6 Stocking Stuffers For Grownups!

Stocking stuffers for grownups… while I don’t have a fireplace to hang my stocking by, my parents still hang up my childhood stocking in front of their fireplace every year. They also give me a few stocking stuffers like candles, wool socks, or body lotion. If you are looking for a few stocking stuffer ideas for your grownup friends or family, here are some great ideas:

Gourmet Candy: Stocking Stuffers For Grownups

While there is nothing wrong with a big bag of peanut M&M’s on Christmas morning, take your stocking stuffing to the next level and buy gourmet chocolates for your friends and family. Artisan truffles, creamy caramels, toffee, chocolates with exotic ingredients; these gourmet candies are perfect for grownups!

Whiskey Stones

Whiskey stones are a great way to cool any beverage without diluting it. Usually made out of soapstone, it can hold its temperature for a long time. Whiskey stones can be plumped in whiskey (of course), bourbon, wine, and even beer. And even if you have friends that don’t drink, whiskey stones can be used in lemonade or soda. They also make great stocking stuffers for grownups!

Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Being 100% waterproof, shower speakers are a way better option than bringing your phone into the bathroom so you can sing in the shower in style. They are small enough that you can bring them along for road trips (no more searching for a station!), to the beach, your backyard, and more. Since they are built a little tougher than most Bluetooth speakers you don’t have to be as worried about breaking them.

Milk Frothers

Got a friend who is a coffee fiend? Get them an electric milk stirrer/frother so they can make their own lattes or cappuccinos at home. You can easily brew espresso in a regular coffee pot (although there are plenty of espresso makers of varying levels of “fancy”), so having a handheld milk frother is an easy way to up your daily coffee game without shelling out $5 per latte!

Water Bottles with Built-in Storage

More than once I have left my car keys in a treadmill cup holder! Luckily no one grabbed them, but losing earbuds, IDs, or loose cash is a common concern at the gym. With a built-in kangaroo pouch, this water bottle is great for your gym-going or running friends. They can easily store their ID, a key, and some cash so they don’t have to worry about leaving something behind.

Gift Cards

At the end of the day, a gift card is never a bad idea. Pick up something from their favorite restaurant or coffee shop, local store, or even Amazon. That way they can get what they really want for Christmas.

Pressed For Time?

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