Memorable Christmas Gifts He’ll Love

Christmas gifts for him

Searching for memorable Christmas gifts he’ll love? When it comes to Christmas gifts for the man in your life, there are a lot of what-ifs. Like what if he completely out gifts you? Or he doesn’t think that heinous sweater is funny? And what if that thing you were unsure about but convinced yourself to buy anyway is something he completely hates? Exactly, you see the point, one wrong purchase and things can go terribly awry. That’s why, this year, you should skip the mob scene to the mall, save a small fortune on wrapping paper, and give him the gift of an experience, which eliminates basically all the what-ifs of tangible objects.

For the Sports Fan

Take him (and possibly his friends) out to the ball game! (Of course, his friends, means include yourself if you want to and by ball game, understand that you can treat him to whatever sport he likes most.) It’s fun, unique, and a total thrill because how often does he get to do this? Basically never. If he plays golf, a round of golf complete with a reserved golf cart for him and his friends is a great substitute for game tickets. And in addition to becoming the object of his pals’ affections, this act of kindness also puts you in the running for the Best Girlfriend (or Wife) of the Year Award.

For the Artsy Guy

Music and museums and movies ‘oh yes! If artsy things pique your guy’s interest, check out events in your local area, including plays, exhibits, concerts, and film showings, that appeal to him. Make sure to find out what’s playing in IMAX 3D because films from yesteryear frequently make comebacks on the big screen, which he’ll no doubt love. And since these outings are generally pretty inexpensive, consider getting tickets (or gift cards for tickets) that can be used for something different every month. That way, he’s got a hot date pre-planned at least every 4 weeks, which is pretty thoughtful (not to mention adorable).

For the Foodie

There comes a time in every strong relationship to consider taking the next step. And when comes to his love affair with cuisine, right now might just be that time to get more serious. There are tons of classes he can take (or you can take together), ranging from elementary cooking to high-end mixology courses. (The obvious benefit here is that you get delicious gourmet meals and/or drinks à la your man on the reg.) If you think that attending a class might not be his cup of hand-selected tea, consider going on tours of wineries, breweries, or stores that make specialty foods, such as cheese.

For the Outdoorsman

Nothing’s as refreshing as the crisp, clean air of the outdoors – at least for your man. And since that’s a really good thing, your Christmas gift should be one that allows him to enjoy the great wide open even more than ever. Think about things you know he’s never attempted before or that he might like to do together with you. Ideas include ice fishing, white water rafting, climbing lessons, or (total cliche) tandem biking. Just make sure to take care of all the little things, so that the details are out of his presumably calloused hands.

For the Thrill-Seeker

A bit of a daredevil is he? Well while you never want him to do anything too dangerous, there are plenty of things, like race car lessons, which are relatively inexpensive and exhilarating! Also check out things you might be able to do together, like sky diving or hang gliding lessons. And, though it may sound tame by comparison, there’s something super romantic and charming about going up in a hot air balloon together, so don’t rule that out.

For the Guy Who Spends Too Much Time at the Office

If your guy gets anxious when his phone is not within arm’s reach and can’t bear the thought of being five minutes late to the office, a couple of days far away from the workforce would probably do him a lot of good. If he can’t get a lot of time off, schedule a long weekend at a quaint bed and breakfast that’s devoid of stress, people you know, and the internet. But if he can get away for a week or more, set him up with a cruise or a stay at an all-inclusive hotel (to minimize any additional anxiety) and try to convince him to leave his phone at home.

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