Gift for a First Time Mom on Mother’s Day

Mother's Day gift

After having a baby, there are a lot of firsts. First stinky diaper, first gummy smile, first word. And while there’s no question that these events are important, there are significant firsts for the new mothers too– like their first Mother’s Day. Finding a gift for such an occasion can certainly be a challenge, which is where these ideas come in. Below is a helpful list of great gifts that will easily make her first Mother’s Day memorable, even though it’s the first of many to come.

Convenient Clothing

If you think insomniacs have it bad, imagine someone who is mentally able to sleep but keeps getting woken up throughout the night. Moms with a newborn baby generally have to get up hundreds of times during the course of a (much needed) 8 hour snooze. This makes her very, very tired. And in a state of crazy, unimaginable exhaustion, finding something to wear at 3AM is just too much to ask. What would make her life easier? A robe. It’s easy to put on, super warm, and – most importantly – comfortable. These ones receive top marks because they’re cute, comfy, and reversible – so no matter how it goes on, it’s going to look just fine.

Modern Marvels

Babies don’t really hang on to the edge of their booster seats during the latest episode of (insert your favorite tv show here), nor do they drool (purposely) over the clothes on re-runs of Project Runway. This often means that Mom’s favorite shows take a back seat – there is just no way she can stay awake up until 11 to find out what’s going on at Downton. But she doesn’t have to. She could spend precious nap times curled up on the couch with seasons of hit shows at her disposable compliments of Netflix or Hulu.

A Different Kind of Pamper

Babies take a lot of time and a lot of energy. Moms don’t exactly have a whole lot of time to relax – which is often just what she needs. This is where you come in. Plenty of masseuses and manicurists are able to go to their clients, allowing Mom to still be in the comfort of her own home while receiving some TLC. Of course, hiring someone to do this can be a bit pricey but there’s a cheaper option too: pick up some nail essentials and do the job yourself.

Printer Perfect

All babies grow up, which is why we find ourselves cooing over them and preserving countless moments of cuteness with our cameras. And of the paparazzi ensemble, no one is a bigger stalker than mom. But who can blame her? No one. So you might as well feed into her obsession while it lasts. Since she’ll want to display these precious memories in frames and get a little artsy with scrapbooks, she’ll need the ability to print her pics with ease. In other words, she’ll need a photo printer and preferably one without too many wires. (Her life is already pretty complicated.)

The True Rescue Chef

Bon appétit, Mama! Elaborate meals can be pretty hard to accomplish – especially with a newborn on your hip. Wouldn’t a new mother just love someone to help her with a few simple meals? Yes. Yes, she would. Sites like this one help you hunt down chef services in her area – and their fees aren’t as steep as you may think, especially when compared to the cost of eating out. However, if you have time to spare, it’s just as appreciated when a non-professional chef makes meals too.

No Time to Shop?

Gift baskets never go out of style and the new mom will just appreciate being thought of. Check out these fabulous Mother’s Day gifts and know that the best part of ordering online is these Mother’s Day gifts are delivered. You barely have to lift a finger to make it happen!

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