7 Fun Things to Do on Mother’s Day

Picnic for Mother's Day

Are you looking for something fun to do on Mother’s Day? Sure, you can always make your mother brunch, or find a place to go out to eat, or give her a Mother’s Day gift basket. But why not do something different this year? Here are some fun ideas for Mother’s Day that the whole family will enjoy and that will definitely bring a smile to her face!

Have a Picnic

This year, instead of having your Mother’s Day dinner at home, why not take it outdoors? You can have a great picnic anywhere, even in your own yard! All you need is a great menu and a prime picnic spot, such as a local park. Great options to pack in your picnic basket include sandwiches, salad, and plenty of lemonade.

Enjoy High Tea

Does your mom like to feel pampered? Treating her to a traditional British-style “High Tea” is a great activity for Mother’s Day. Don’t have any options near you? Have a special Mother’s Day tea party at home! Bring out the fine china and serve pots of tea, little sandwiches, and plenty of tea cookies for a truly authentic experience.

Run a 5K

If your mom loves fitness, another great idea for Mother’s Day is to run or walk a 5K race with her! One of the best ways to show that you love someone is to support one of their favorite pastimes. After the race, you can treat her to dinner – you’ll both need it!

Go to a Spa

There’s no better way to pamper your mother than treating her to a spa day! She works hard taking care of the home and her family – it’s time to treat her to a special day of relaxation! Even something simple, such as treating her to a pedicure, is enough to show her that you care.

Attend a Performance

Taking your mother to a performance is also something that would make for a nice Mother’s Day outing. Chances are, your mother is probably too busy to go to a play or a concert. Mother’s Day is the perfect time to treat her! Find out if she has a desire to see anything that is happening locally, and then surprise her with tickets. You can even treat her to a nice dinner, too.

Take Her Shopping

Rather than give her a gift on Mother’s Day, you can take things a step further and take her shopping! This is an especially fun way to spend Mother’s Day if shopping is one of her favorite things to do. She’ll have fun choosing her own gift while spending time with her family.

Give Her a Break

Most moms are completely overworked. They spend their time cooking, cleaning, and making sure that the household runs smoothly. We’re often too busy to notice all her hard work. This Mother’s Day, why not give her the day off? You can spend the whole day doing her chores. Things like preparing several days worth of meals, thoroughly cleaning the house, and running a few of her errands will go a long way to helping her feel appreciated and loved.